Everlasting Monday, an eBook by Karsten Harder, Goes Global

Debut Sci-Fi Novella available at over 1,500 online sources.

Online PR News – 21-July-2011 – – Copenhagen, Denmark, Monday - 18 July, 2011 -- Everlasting Monday…Part One, the Crown and the Devil is the first book of an eventual series of sci-fi works from dynamic new author Karsten Harder.

The plot, interesting concepts and characters makes this debut 35,000 word sci-fi novella, Everlasting Monday…Part One, the Crown and the Devil, spring to life. Lead character Haran's everyday existence as a peasant abruptly changes when an alien ship and its occupants crash land by his village. Haran's mind comes face to face with the alien intelligence of Terach. Haran/Terach's story and the other interrelated stories in this novella probe the idea of our psyche, virtual identity, their possible coexistence and the dark side of this duality.

Harder shapes his character Terach with intrigue. Terach’s words grip the reader, "For a very long time I had functioned like a machine. And as a machine, every move I made was perfect…Now it was no longer a question of keeping something unpleasant from surfacing. Inside, I felt like a psychotic animal trainer who has to be the master of several ferocious animals while the circus tent itself is on fire."

Harder, who is fluent in five languages, is a computer hardware and software expert with an interest in good stories and psychology. As an author, Harder said, "I can do social realism, but I like sci-fi because it is a very flexible frame—you can do action, comedy and tragedy within the same story."

Harder defined his influences in writing Everlasting Monday…Part One, the Crown and the Devil. He said, "When it comes to sci-fi my heroes are people like Frank Herbert and Philip K. Dick. The latter because his books are always exciting. Something is always going on. People find out they are not who they thought they were, they are constantly running away from something—they take strange drugs and go to Mars, and so on ..."

Everlasting Monday …Part One, the Crown and the Devil in eBook form, ISBN - 978-1-937520-01-4, was published on July 14, 2011 by First Edition Design eBooks http://www.firsteditiondesignebooks.com based in Sarasota, Florida USA. It will be available at Amazon’s Kindle store, Apple’s iBookstore, Barnes & Noble’s Book Nook, Border’s Kobo, Sony, Diesel and Google’s eBookstore, which supports numerous eReader devices. In addition to those outlets, Everlasting Monday was distributed in eBook format worldwide to over 1,500 other sources including libraries, schools and online booksellers.

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