Social Media Monitoring Tools Necessary to Understand Your Fan Base

Organisations should use social media monitoring software to ensure they understand their fan base

Online PR News – 20-July-2011 – – A social media monitoring tool is essential in determining how a brand can fully understand its fan base and implement successful outreach strategies for the future, according to CrowdControlHQ, providers of dedicated online reputation management software.

Monitoring fans is an essential element of any social outreach strategy. Monitoring social media fans’ comments and likes allows a brand to plan for the future and thereby create successful social strategies. Understanding what types of posts fans like and want to engage with is important in ensuring fans continue to interact with a brand’s online profile in the future.

A social media monitoring tool allows a brand to control multiple social media profiles from a single source. Through utilising such software, a brand can identify key influencers that interact with the brand on a regular basis, and can look to accommodate them into future social strategies. Even if a brand isn’t looking to incorporate such users in future strategies, they could discuss with them what they would like to see in future campaigns, as these users are likely to be well-versed in what may appear most appealing to a brand’s followers.

If a brand is looking to market itself to a wide-ranging online audience, monitoring software is important to ensure a brand knows how fans are reacting. A dedicated social media monitoring tool can automatically flag up posts and comments which include specific words or phrases, thereby collating useful information for a brand to use when looking to gauge how its audience is reacting to specific strategies.

Calum Brannan, co-founder of CrowdControlHQ, said: “Understanding a brand’s fan base is one of the most important aspects of a brand’s social strategy. Understanding fans is vital to ensure effective strategies for the future can be planned and the brand will continue to increase visibility and fan numbers. If this is neglected, a brand won’t understand how popular current strategies are and this may lead to poor future planning.”

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