Reveals Beyonce's "Sasha Fierce" Workout

Beyonce, currently traveling the globe on her world tour, "Sasha Fierce", prepared her body with an intense pre-tour workout to get in the best shape of her life. reveals what she had to do to get in top physical shape.

Online PR News – 20-July-2011 – – Beyonce has been tearing it up on her "Sasha Fierce" world tour. She is unequivocally in the best shape of her life, and worked extremely hard in preparation for this tour.

Beyonce wants to be remembered as someone with a lot of talent that works very hard to maintain her health, unlike some celebrities who have battled weight issues. Many stars have to get in shape for an upcoming event, or even a wedding, as Kim Kardashian is doing right now.

To prepare for her Sasha Fierce world tour, Beyonce worked out 5 days a week with her trainer. At each workout Beyoncé did 100 squats, lunges, and step-ups.

Beyonce also practiced her choreography 9 hours a day, seven days a week, for 2 months preceding her tour. Not only was Beyoncé dancing all day, but she was doing it wearing 5-inch stilettos. Most girls can attest that a few hours dancing in heels will wear them out, and Beyonce admits, “When I come home and take them off, I’m like, “Oh, my God! I wish I could just chop my feet off!”

Beyonce keeps herself motivated by reminding herself that she is working towards something. In fact, she keeps a painting of an Oscar near her treadmill at the gym to remind her that she is running towards her goal. Beyonce says, “I look at it, and I’m like OK, I have to stay in shape.” Even if you don’t foresee an Oscar nod in your future, finding a goal of your own will help you reach fitness success.

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