Youth icon, Rahul Gandhi charms his way into the impressionable minds of NBA students

The NBA School of Mass Communication arranged for its students to meet the most prominent youth icon of today, Rahul Gandhi. As expected, the session left students in awe of this broad-minded leader.

Online PR News – 23-July-2011 – – Students at the NBA School of Mass Communication were fortunate enough to have a live interaction with one of the most prominent youth leaders in the country and General Secretary of AICC, Rahul Gandhi. The institution had arranged for a meeting with the youth icon to help students gain insight into the vision of the politicos of tomorrow. The students got to discuss a variety of issues with the young leader that ranged from the plight of farmers, condition of the North East, to what he expected of journalists, as well as his thoughts regarding leading the country some day.

Talking about his actual ambition and answering the first question that is on everybody’s mind these days Rahul Gandhi said, “I have not thought of being the Prime Minister, as yet. If I wish to do something for my country, I should not wait to become the Prime Minister and then do it, but rather I should work on it, in whatever capacity I am. And, I think if I am earnest, I will be able to achieve it for the people of this country.” He then went on to discuss the plight of farmers in Uttar Pradesh, which happens to be one part of one of his most rampant campaign. He enlightened students about their grave situation and how it held a strong link to the rise in crimes.

Talking about his view of and expectations from journalism, he commented that, “Today the electronic media is running after TRPs, and they do not talk about the core issue of the people. So I have stopped watching television, in print I look for good in-depth stories. I think you as students of journalism will focus more on issues related to the people of this country.” He further discussed the impact of insurgents in the North East and stated that the youth had to be more responsible and show more involvement, as the role of the army was to fight off the enemy and not its own people.

Leaving students with such valuable insights and more, Rahul also tried to speak to Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of the UPA, at the request of the students, promising that he will arrange for their meeting with her whenever she is in Delhi. Students were obliged with autographed photos of Rahul along with a group photograph. The zest and zeal of the students of the NBA School of Mass Communication also led a few to volunteer for the Youth Congress, as well as prompt others to consider using theatre as a means to get the message across.
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