New Service Sends Google+ Updates to Facebook and Twitter

Cyril Gupta is a veteran software developer, and the CEO of Public Software Library India Pvt Ltd, a software products creator in India.

Online PR News – 23-July-2011 – – New Delhi, India - July 18, 2011 - India based social networking service provider has launched a new free service that auto-posts Google+ public updates to a user’s Facebook or Twitter profile. Using this service any user can make their Google+ updates appear on their Facebook or Twitter pages without manually posting them.

This free web based service is accessible at Google+ is still very new, and there is no official API (Application Programming Interface) from Google, which means that there are not many apps or solutions for Google+ yet unlike Twitter or Facebook which have hundreds of thousands.

Google+, Google’s new social network was launched only weeks ago, but in the short time it has grown to over a million users according to some estimates. This is the fastest growth rate for any social media network, and the innovative features of Google+ give it the capability to compete with Facebook for the top spot, feel many social media experts.

Netvani+, is cross-browser solution, which means that it can be used on any browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and even Mobile web users. It has to be set up only once, after which it will continue automatically posting the user’s updates unless the user disables it from within Facebook or Twitter, or from within Netvani+ itself.

“Users had enough trouble managing their updates on Twitter and Facebook, and now that Google+ is here it is impossible for any individual to successfully manage and cross-post their updates on three social networks. Solutions like Nevani+ are great time savers because the user’s updates will automatically appear on all social networks when they update Google+,” said Cyril Gupta, developer of Netvani+.

It is significant to note here that unlike Facebook or Twitter, Google+ does not limit user update length to 140 or 420 characters. That’s why Google+ updates can be as long as a blog post. Netvani+ helpfully includes a link to the original Google+ update in the posts it sends to Facebook and Twitter.

“Netvani+ is fully automated. Which means users don’t have to perform any action including pressing a share button, or going to a special page to post their updates. It’s not a browser extension so it doesn’t make any changes to the user’s browser or the web interface of social websites,” Gupta said.

About is an online utility or tool to help businesses manage their presence on various social media networks. It helps them by enabling team work, and automating repetitive tasks. It also allows team members to share information, and updates between themselves.

About Cyril Gupta: Cyril Gupta is a veteran software developer, and the CEO of Public Software Library India Pvt Ltd, a software products creator in India.