Local Home Owner Turns The Tide By Helping HOA Avoid $45,000 Rust Nuisance Using Secret

HOA Contractor gets advice on rust removal from an unlikely source in turn saves them Thousands. Home owner exposes secret to rust removal woes. HOA is boasting astonishing results by way of a super non-toxic rust remover.

Online PR News – 20-July-2011 – – Rust removal is a huge issue throughout the world and has many companies spending millions of dollars a year to eliminate the problem. There are many many ways of removing the oxidized iron deposits.

Despite not only the high costs, Many of the removal methods are very harsh and dangerous for the environment as well as to the person or team applying.

What Was The Secret Solution That Had Them Saving Thousands???

Rust Removal Secret Exposed...

A local independent Contractor was recently hired by a Home Owners Association in a small neighborhood in Pembroke Pines, Florida, to clean up a rust nuisance plaguing the community.

The HOA who was sending out citations to the local homeowners for violating a cleanliness act, realized that they had a problem of their own. Rust being the culprit, littered the sidewalks throughout the neighborhood and was becoming unsightly.

The contractor was astonished by the rust clean up effort of one homeowner in particular, since numerous attempts of their own had failed.

The HOA in conjunction with the contractor contacted the homeowner to see if she was willing to let them in on her rust removal success. She was more than willing to divulge to secret and ecstatic that a professional contractor was asking her for advice. The home owner was proud to do her part to beautify the neighborhood.

She explained that after failed attempts of her own with locally sold products, she did some research online and found a fabulous rust remover that was...






The product was Rusterizer, it is sold online exclusively through MyCleaningProducts.com. The rust remover boasts some pretty big results and promises to eliminate all your rust removal needs within seconds.

The contractors now armed with their new game plan, did as the homeowner said and ordered the product and was mesmerized by the results. Needless to say the contractor now uses the Rusterizer on all their removal needs.

Start sharing the savings with the rust removal and general maintenance contractors, see for yourself what is saving them thousands on materials and labor.

MyCleaningProducts.com is currently giving away a sample of the Rusterizer product.


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