New Website Builds On Healthy Concepts Like Organic Living
07/26/2011 launched it's online clean living blog this week on the heels of's similar partnership with Stoneyfield Farm. TheCleanGreenLife will provide info and tips around the clean and organic living lifestyle.

Online PR News – 26-July-2011 – – The organic lifestyle is gaining traction in the public as demonstrated by's recent announcement of their partnership with StoneyField Farms in the creation of an online partnership titled organic living.

In the same spirit, The Clean Green Life launches this week as a lifestyle blog bringing resources from across the clean and organic living world into a daily digest for readers. The Clean Green Life focuses on finding great new and articles in the areas of clean eating, organic food, natural childcare, green construction innovations, and much more.

The format of the site is a daily digest, keeping readers abreast of developments and happening in the clean living market. The site publishes new content daily throughout the week.

An excerpt from the site can be found below.


Seems like people are starting to notice the impact of the toxins in the environment around us. I myself have been paying more attention to the way different things make me feel, especially when it comes to food. I know that even the little changes we make in our lifestyle can make a massive difference in how healthy we feel. Anyway, here are a couple of interesting snippets about the experiences some other folks have had regarding environmental toxins.


Non-chemical Cleaning and Brushes
I had an email from a reader the other day asking about non-chemical cleaning. She has severe allergies and breaks out in a rash and gets itchy skin when she touches any commercial cleaning product. She's at her wit's end trying to find something she can use to clean her kitchen. Luckily, she recently made some of my olive oil and coconut oil soap and she seems fine with that so she wrote asking if I had hints for cleaning with only this homemade soap.

This comes from Rhonda over at Down To Earth Blog. She is a sweetheart and posts some excellent resources.


Having A Safe Vacation In The Midst Of Air Pollution
My mom works full-time, and has done so for decades. Although she’s nearing 60, and has various health issues stemming from the stress of her work, because I have an 11 year old sister, she says she won’t be retiring anytime soon. Our family has always lived in big cities, and on vacations we go to places like Washington D.C. or New York City – always cities. My mom deserves a relaxing vacation, as does every mom, so it is important to be aware that women are susceptible to multiple environmental health impacts. Be prepared during trips. A big one, strongly associated with congested urban areas like cities, is air pollution.

Air pollutants can come from fine particles, like vehicle exhaust and soot, gases such as ozone and carbon monoxide, smoke from tobacco and stoves, as well as fumes released from the burning of coal, oil, kerosene, everyday household cleaning products and paints. Fine particles, and ozone in particular, are considered the most harmful pollutants.

You can read the rest of this article over at the EPA's Greenversations blog. They have some really good stuff over there right now.


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