The Bridgewater Commons Mall in New Jersey has installed Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Malls are taking extra precautions this holiday season by offering sanitizer in their Santa stations.

Online PR News – 23-December-2009 – – Malls in New Jersey are taking precautions and fighting germs this holiday season by installing hand sanitizer dispensers. The dispensers are becoming more prevalent in public. According to an article entitled "Swine flu outbreak has Santa taking extra precautions at N.J. malls," Santa stations in NJ are "Santa-tizing". They report that sanitizer dispensers were added to the entrances and exits of the Santa stations at the mall. Also, the Santa suits are being cleaned more frequently and Santa is rotating his gloves more often.

Parents who are visiting malls, shopping centers and restaurants this season should stay armed against the threat of H1N1 infection. According to 'Booster Shots,' an article found in the LA Times blog Greg Winters, a working Santa received his H1N1 shot after his doctor called him a 'critical case' The growing concern over the virus has alarmed adults who work with children, parents and those employees who work in high-traffic areas to take precautions. And aside from the H1N1 shot, one of the precautions should be to use hand sanitizer.

The President of Santa America of Atlanta Georgia agrees that this is a valid concern. He is asking that adults keep their children home if they are ill, and asking that children cover their mouth when they cough. And because the majority of mall Santas have real beards, he urges the Santas to clean their face and beards often.

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