Bed Bug Exterminator Discovers Leading Pest Companies Secret To Kill Bed Bugs and Gain More Profits

A New York based bed bug exterminator gained his biggest profit ever. His secret is his newly discovered green bed bug killer that was also used by the leading pest control companies.

Online PR News – 19-July-2011 – – Bed bug infestations are headlining recent news. It seems that anywhere, the crawling blood-fed pests are now present. These pests are causing a lot of serious problems. As a result, more and more people are now getting anxious they might be the next victim. On the other side though, this presents a lot of job opportunities for bed bug exterminators. Sadly, only a selected few companies were able to earn big profits. But were these bed bug experts using a tight-kept secret formula that cut their labor costs by 50% and boosted revenues?

Bed bug professionals now releasing their secret on how to Kill Bed Bugs.

According to statistics, cases of bed bug infestation have increased. And based on the data recorded, the pests are also spreading wider invading even the major cities. Even pest extermination companies can attest to it. They are now receiving more calls for jobs to get rid of bed bugs than ever before.

However, the current bed bug problems seem to cause many exterminators losses than profits. Many patrons who received extermination services are complaining of low quality services. Specifically, the customers are complaining about the recurring of the pests just days after the treatment.

“When customers complain about our service, of course, we have to repeat the extermination process. And that is costing us. We have to re-stock our supplies to get the treatment done. In worse cases, we have to re-hire some people. When that happens, we are not gaining anything, we are actually losing.” a pest exterminator from Miami said.

One New York pest exterminator, however, successfully avoided the nightmare that many extermination companies are now experiencing. While others are gloomy over their financial losses, this maverick is enjoying an almost 80% increase on his profit.

“This month, I got the biggest profit I have ever made. And that's all thanks to this green [bed bug spray] that I discovered online two months ago.” said the overjoyed Martin.

Martin was researching news about bed bugs when he came across an article featuring an organic made bed bug killer. The product is offering an effective and safe treatment. And because it can kill the pests, their larva and eggs, it promises a one-time effective process.

In doubt at first, Martin still tried the product. On his next project, he was amazed with its effectiveness. Aside from making the process fast, it also made his work easy to complete. And so, he was able to finish more extermination projects without hiring additional workers. That cut his labor cost almost in half.

The fact that the solution he is using is safe and environment-friendly also boosted his company. It gave him an edge. Thus more and more prefer his service than those of others.

Because of the green bed bug spray, Martin now doesn't have to resort to complicated bed bug treatments. He also doesn't have to pay too much just to get his company advertised. He is already known for quality “bed bug extermination” service. And because of it, while other exterminators are doing grueling processes, he is enjoying more time with his family and friends.

Discover how leading bed bug companies are banishing overhead costs and turning to green solutions to Kill Bed Bugs.

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