Bandhoo – A New Online Portal Connecting Donors And NGOs

Bandhoo, a nonprofit organization based in the United States has announced the launch of its website. Bandhoo provides help for people in need by connecting donors with Nonprofits or Non Governmental Agencies (NGOs).

Online PR News – 20-July-2011 – – Bandhoo, announced the launch of its new portal with a mission to bring together potential donors and reliable NGOs. NGOs provide great opportunities for underprivileged children, badly treated women, disabled and homeless people who do not have the basic necessities of life. Bandhoo helps to bring the world under one umbrella and help the society’s deprived members by spreading the message and awareness of equality.

Bandhoo finds the profiles of children, battered women and homeless people in need that can get benefits directly from our support and care. Bandhoo partners with NGOs and Donors in US, UK, Canada, India and across the world that have a proven record of devotion and assurance to the cause of creating opportunities for deprived children, women, disabled people and homeless. On Bandhoo website, Donors can review the profiles of underprivileged people and help the respective NGOs to support them.

Bandhoo ensures that Donation to nonprofit organizations meet the real needs of people. By helping through Bandhoo, Donors will not only attain the satisfaction and the joy of giving but also encourage the NGOs to work more towards helping the needy.

The aim of Bandhoo is to be a data transparent platform particularly focused at facilitating one-to-one financial support to underprivileged section in the society. Bandhoo ensures that the Donations we receive are utilized towards Charities for the Homeless, children and women are used exclusively for the purpose for which the donations are made. Moreover, you can assess your efforts by periodically monitoring the impact your financial assistance has made to their individual lives. Bandhoo is a non-profit organization ( ) based in the United States. Bandhoo was founded by Indians who have immigrated to the United States. Be a part of the change which you want to see around you by helping the deprived section of the society and become a reason for their smile.

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About the Company:

Bandhoo is a non-profit organization based in United States. Bandhoo was founded by Indians who have immigrated to the United States. Bandhoo is a reliable platform for donors to connect with individuals and non-profit organizations for charity. They strive hard to ensure that they are helping the individuals and communities with real needs.