Pay off My Debts dot Org Redesigns Website to Offer a Plethora of Strategies to Pay off Debts Fast.

Pay Off My Debts, a website that deals with the debt issues of today, launches its strategy based online library of articles offering right now up to date tips to help pay off debt in this economic downturn faced by many today.

Online PR News – 19-July-2011 – – Pay Off My Debts, an extraordinary website that addresses issues currently affecting families, announces its information web based library offering their readers an overabundance of strategies to conquer consumer debt and stop it dead in its tracks.

“The sole purpose is designed to help empower and increase the knowledge in our households that allow families to take back their financial future,” said Jay Allen Chief Operating Officer of Pay off My Debts dot org. The newly redesigned website strives to offer new, innovative alternatives to paying off debt from credit cards, student loans and mortgage loans by scouring the globe to find out what’s most effective in today’s economy.

Pay off My Debts dot org committed to the challenge of debt payoff connects consumers to various means to pay off debt from counseling services, consolidation advice and D.I.Y alternatives that allow its readers to challenge any extraneous debt claims.

“We have sought after the industry best experts for advice and tips relating to debt and unexposed options available to consumers today. Debt has caused families and individual alike enormous heart ache and something must be done to lift this burden off of us. Most are not even aware of their rights and are being taking advantage of because of our ignorance” noted Jay in response about a question posed to him about what fuels his passion to take on such a challenge.

“My heart really goes out to families said Jay, because the banks are not in business to educate us they’re in business to make a profit, yet they disguise it as if they’re out for our best interest. When was the last time a bank or credit card company called you and said I want to help you pay off your debt, it won’t happen not then, not now, not ever because that won’t benefit them.

Jay Allen the creator of the pay off my debts website knows from experience what pain this can cause on a household. Having been a sufferer of enormous debt himself he realizes the issues surrounding such a debilitating enemy. His passion and enthusiasm is evident as he tackles these concerns head first not sparing any knowledge as he overturns every rock possible to get families the information or help they need.

Pay off My Debts was launched back in November of 2010, however with it’s refocus and drives to make life financially easier for families a redesign was born to give its readers a more comprehensive approach to the debt problem facing Americans today.

You don’t have to suffer with overwhelming debt; make a change today by going over to and browsing all the articles, videos, and tips to help you pay off debt quickly. Stop the viscous cycle and make a change now.