MPE Inc., Leader in Protective Clothing Lines, Provides Low Cost Tyvek Alternative Options

MPE, Providing Protective Workplace Clothing Items, Offers Cost-Effective Clothing Lines Crafted to be Breathable, Protective and Environmentally Safe

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – HAMMOND, IND. – MPE Inc., a leader in protective disposable clothes, understands that many businesses are in need of cost-effective alternatives to Tyvek protective clothing. MPE clothes, such as MaxShield brand items, provide strength, comfort and protection at a lower cost than Tyvek.

“The ability to dispose of a soiled garment, such as a lab coat or a set of smocks, is a significant benefit for people who wear our clothing while working in hazardous environments,” said Mike Miller, CEO of MPE, Inc. “Our line of MaxShield products are disposable for ease of use and convenience, while still boasting superior protective features that keep wearers safe.”

Our line of MaxShield products are disposable for ease of use and convenience while still boasting superior protective features that keep wearers safe.

MaxShield products are made by binding a micro porous polyethylene film to a polypropylene spunbonded substrate to be highly durable and protective. The polyethylene film on the outside of the disposable coverall provides strength and protection from solid particulate and liquids.

MPE sells clothes that are crafted with sturdy, high-density fabric that protects the wearer from outside contaminants. MPE clothes protect against such harmful materials as blood-borne pathogens, aerosols and paints.

MPE specializes in many different types of disposable clothes, including jumpsuits, footwear, fire-retardant apparel, biohazard suits, coveralls, aprons, smock, pants and lab coats.

“Our disposable clothing lines are durable, sturdy and very breathable for comfort; heat and sweat vapors can pass through, but harmful materials can’t,” Miller said. “We have a reputation for providing high-quality clothing, and we’re certain that you’ll feel comfortable relying on us to keep you safe and dry.”

About Miller's Precision Enterprises: Miller's Precision Enterprises Inc. ( is an Indiana-based company that specializes in protective clothing. With items like Tyvek protective suits and disposable pants, the company's products are useful in many industries.

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