Avoiding Lyme Disease Dangers This Summer

Tips to avoid Lyme Disease

Online PR News – 18-July-2011 – – During the summer months, we all enjoy spending time outside in the sun. Unfortunately, fun outdoor activities like hiking come with the risk of getting tick bites that might lead to Lyme Disease. Though ticks are abundant during the summer months, it is possible to avoid the risk of developing Lyme Disease by minimizing the risk of tick bite.


A DEET product with 20 percent or more of DEET, which is otherwise known as a bug repellant, helps keep the ticks off your skin and clothes. Spray it over the whole body, but take care not to get it into your eyes or mouth.

Choose Clothing Carefully:

Light colored clothing improves the chances that you’ll see a tick before it gets to your skin. The other key to clothing selection is long sleeves, full pants and hiking boots you can tuck your pants into. As an added protection, wear clothes that are either pretreated with permethrin or spray permethrin onto your clothes and shoes. Avoid getting the permethrin on skin.

Avoid Areas with Ticks:

Tick infested areas, or anywhere you see numerous ticks on your clothes the second you step into the area, are best avoided while outdoors. Also avoid areas with thick and high vegetation. Ticks generally stay in areas with high vegetation rather than directly on a hiking path.

Wash and Dry Clothes on High:

Ticks are known to survive the wash, but they will not survive if you put the clothes into a dryer on high after washing your clothes on high.

Check for Ticks:

After spending the day outdoors, check your body carefully for ticks. Look over every inch of your body, including in your hair, your belly button and between your legs. If you have pets or children, check them for ticks in the same manner.


If you find ticks on your body, you should go to the doctor and get checked for Lyme Disease. Starting Lyme Disease treatment as soon as possible will avoid the worst effects of the sickness. Most doctors will treat Lyme Disease with antibiotics, but one Fairfax holistic doctor has taken a comprehensive approach to treating the disease.


Taking precautions to avoid ticks will minimize your risk of developing Lyme Disease. At any time you find that even with so many precautions you or a loved one is bitten, doctors will provide treatment for the disease.

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