Are color lenses dangerous? Guide to purchase safely.

There were news reported that colored contacts would cause lose of sight. Some people accused on cheap colored lenses that has been sold online or beauty shops. Are they really dangerous and harmful to eyes? Not really.

Online PR News – 18-July-2011 – – Most of the consumers that bought colored contacts are girls and they are buying for the sake of beauty and they believe that it could make their eyes look brighter and charming. However, there was a recent news reported that a girl lost sight after falling asleep in cheap colored contacts.

As we know, colored contacts, or called as circle/cosmetic lenses, is not approved by FDA in United States. There is no research that show that colored contacts are harmful or harmless to our eyes. Many reasons could causes infection of eyes including the steps of contact lenses caring. Some doctors said that colour lenses does not really harm our eyes, however they might block oxygen from entering human eyes and therefore it would cause dryness because human eyes need to 'breathe'. People might get infection if they do not take care of their lenses properly, even though they are wearing normal soft lens. This is why coloured lenses is still approved by other countries medical department such as Korea Drug and Food Administration (KFDA).

Korea exported huge number of colored contacts in these recent years and the figure hit more than million annually. The top manufacturers from Korea are GEO Medical, Dueba, E.O.S. and Vassen. Colored contacts has been common among teenagers and women especially. They can be found easily via online stores. The price varies a lot among stores and how do we choose a reliable brand of colored lenses? Are the cheap lenses sold by online sellers safe?

Florence,the owner of explained, the distributors which is the middleman between seller and manufacturer, often purchase stocks in large quantities from factory and this enable them to lower the cost of lenses. Getting a pair of yearly disposable colored lenses at $20 with KFDA certified is possible and the market selling price is often range around $18-$30, depending on the brand. 'There are indeed fakes lenses on the market, such as GEO Medical has been imitated by some factories in China and they sell in really low price. In this case, GEO Medical Korea announced a system called Anti Fake Sticker which customers are able to check authenticity by the code on sticker, she said. A lot of OEM products has been introduced because distributors want to sell under their own brand. The products are actually produced by well-known manufacturers in Korea and they are labelled under another name. Therefore this has caused confusion among buyers as they might not familiar with the brand.

She provided a few guides to purchase colored contacts online safely.

1)Buyers should look for a proper circle lens store that is able to provide guarantee about the lenses authenticity (eg: Anti Fake Sticker on GEO Medical products).

2)Secondly, if buyer is doubt on the seller or brand, she/he should consult the seller if they are able to provide seller certification by manufacturer or if the brand is certified by international medical associations. 'It is okay if the seller is not able to provide distributor certificate because not every seller get stock from factory directly', Florence said.

3)Thirdly, buyers can search for the reviews made by others people within the website or search engine. There are some forums and threads that discuss about circle lenses such as, one of the most visiting forum in United States.

Last but not least, this is the most important that buyer should read caring lens guide carefully before wearing colored lenses. It is essential to use contact lenses solution to soak the lenses daily, every time before and after wearing and the maximum wearing hours is recommended to be 8 hours a day.