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12/23/2009 added a new report on "Report on Analysis and Forecast of China Fertilizer (2009-2010)" which gives demand and growth of Chinas fertilizer.

Online PR News – 23-December-2009 – – Report on Analysis and Forecast of China Fertilizer (2009-2010)

Under the influence of the financial crisis, changes in the fertilizer market were as follows in 2009:
(1) Prices of fertilizer varieties and fertilizer raw materials such as synthetic ammonia sulfur and so on, declined compared with the 2008.
(2) The output of fertilizer varieties and fertilizer raw materials such as sulfuric acid, synthetic ammonia and Phosphate Rock etc, continued to increase. ( )
(3) In 2008, the total fertilizer demand only increased by 21,000 metric tons (nutrient, the same below) compared with the 2007 under the high fertilizer prices. And the N-fertilizer and complex fertilizer demand respectively increased by 3.1% and 1.1%, but the phosphate and potash fertilizer demand decreased by 5.1% and 26.2%..
(4) In 2009, the urea export volume declines from last year with the international demand decrease and the low or high export tariff in the low season in China. DAP export volume increased largely from 2008 because the oversupply of China; Influenced by large stocks of potash fertilizer and the limitation of terminal consumption, the potash fertilize import volume decreased compared with 2008; The export volume of NPK-fertilizer kept low because of the high export tariff.
(5) Influenced by the low Prices of raw materials, the production cost of urea, MAP, DAP and SOP, etc, declined largely compared with 2008.

In the report, our team will analysis the changes in N-fertilizer, the phosphate fertilizer, the potash fertilizer and the complex fertilizer in 2009 according to the policies related to fertilizer industry and the supply-demand, the import and export, the Prices of upstream products (Eg; sulfur, coal, synthetic ammonia, phosphate rock), and then analysis the supply-demand, the import and export, the enterprise distribution, the production costs and market prices of the major fertilizer varieties in 2009.At last, our team will analysis the supply and demand of fertilizers and forecast market changes in 2010 according to supply-demand balance sheet of nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer and urea and potassium fertilizer.

There are clear views, detailed and accurate data in this report as a reference for related subjects of the market.

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