Universal Medical Inc. Announces New Line of PPE Organizers

The addition of the PPE organizers distributed by Universal Medical Inc. is an invaluable benefit for health care facilities’ organization of personal protection equipment.

Online PR News – 22-May-2009 – – Universal Medical Inc. now offers a wide product line of personal protection equipment organizers, which assist in the successful storage of medical gear and supplies.

Modern health care facilities are required to use infection control products to protect staff and patients from harmful particles, spills, splashing, chemicals, pollutants, and general bacteria – cleanliness is mandatory, a standard that cannot be ignored. Any functioning medical facility knows that the sanitation of personnel is of immeasurable importance.

Personal equipment stations hold a considerable amount of various infection control supplies. They contribute to the suppression of cluttered environments, where confusion and scrambling for equipment causes stress and impinges on efficiency. Disorganization is detrimental towards a facility’s success, and personal safety dispensers inhibit that longstanding problem.

Universal Medical Inc. has been in the health care industry supplies business since 1983. A deep understanding of strategic marketing and of the product line secures their ability to provide personal protection equipment organizers, while their devotion to customer service is nearly unsurpassed within the industry.

The PPE containers offered by Universal Medical Inc. are perfect for the effective storage of infection control supplies and gear. They can hold virtually all traditional personal equipment intended for protection against contaminants, a needed service for any medical facility. If conserving valuable space is a priority – as is it for every institution – consolidating supplies to PPE organizers is a must.

Made from acrylic plastic, these containers are easy to clean and, most importantly, durable. There is an incredible selection of personal safety dispensers – different sizes, capacities and styles. There are a variety of wall mounts, desktop stands, and freestanding organizers, all for fitting the facility’s specifications.

Universal Medical Inc. is now a distributor of a new line of personal protection equipment storage organizers, and establishing stations such as these to store infection control products and medical supplies is a permanent responsibility.

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