E-Lock releases Central Credential Solution for Secure Electronic Signing

E-Lock releases Central Credential solution (mobiSigner + ProSigner), a admin-controlled solution to create, store and manage credentials centrally

Online PR News – 19-July-2011 – – E-Lock a global provider of digital signature solutions, has released Windows based, Central Credential Solution (mobiSigner + ProSigner). Organizations can now create and manage digital credentials at single central location, which can be used with ProSigner for electronic signing.

Central Credential Solution (mobiSigner + ProSigner) is a complete software solution. Being administrator controlled it ensures complete security of the user credentials. It allows organizations to do the prior due diligence of the users before approving the credentials for signing which is mandatory by many government laws and regulations.

Mr. Aniruddha Shrotri, CTO E-Lock, said, “This solution is combination of extra security for credential management and easy access of credentials to users for signing. mobiSigner - a server side solution and ProSigner - a desktop signing solution are paired with each other. mobiSigner allows administrator to manage user credentials at central location and ProSigner allows users to access their respective credentials for signing from client machine.”

mobiSigner can take input of user information from organization’s present LDAP (Active Directory) or through a CSV file. Solution’s admin console allows administrator to create, store and manage user credentials centrally. Administrator can approve and grant signing rights to listed users as well as can disable the same.

ProSigner, on a client side, uses the credentials from central location to electronically sign the files on the user’s desktop. Users can create graphical handwritten signature image using option provided in ProSigner and upload it to central credential server, to be associated with their credentials.

This solutions allows users to use ProSigner as efficiently as ever before, only introducing the security feature of credential management which is a major concern for most of the organizations.

Mr. Abhijit Kale, Manager, Business Development at E-Lock said, “Many organizations are adapting paperless processes in their business operations which require authorized signatories. In an enterprise setup monitoring and controlling creation of unauthorized credentials, at individual level is almost impossible. Central Credential Solution answers this issue by empowering administrators with credential creation and managing rights at a central location. This provides extra security for authorized signers in using electronic signing solution.”

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