Bengal Institute of Business Studies celebrates BIB’s day

On 15th July, Friday 2011, it was a fun time for the BIBsians, when all gathered, faculty and students alike to celebrate their founder’s day.

Online PR News – 19-July-2011 – – - 15th July 2011 was certainly a festive day for BIBs, the Bengal institute of business studies as the students celebrated a memorable BIBs day. “This was the day when the institute took baby steps to launch itself in Kolkata” said the happy chairperson Mr. Vidur Kapoor. “To have been able to come so far in such little time; I would like to take this opportunity to thank our excellent faculty and our students for their contribution.”

Unlike other serious days full of studies and concentration; BIBs day offered an opportunity of role reversal. The professors obediently took the auditorium seats while the students hosted several entertaining programs. Thoroughly enjoying the festive plight it was wonderful to see the students present such brilliant events; a skit, vocal solos, fabulous dances, dumb charades a band performance and a special fashion show. The best part of everything was that the students kept their faculty as engaged as they would keep them in classes. “They are grooming themselves very fast and my god what potentials they have!” exclaimed a member of the faculty.

“The BIBs day was always special. However I never expected such greetings and jubilation. I was moved to see the spirit that we have been able to inculcate in the young minds and the way they have improvised on it is spell bounding” says a proud director, Mr. Vidur Kapoor.

While the faces of the professors said a lot about their students and what faith they cherished in them, the students also was all praise for their faculty. “Bengal institute of business studies have developed a special forte and have directed all their resources to give west Bengal a better future. We can say because we realize. The opportunities that we get here is not just academic oriented, from the very first day we have been made to prepare for the tough competition outside in the real world. BIBs have given us a brighter definition to life and we are very thankful for that.” said Anurupa Ghosdostidar a final year student.

The BIBs day saw the big BIBs family come together to celebrate their oneness of faith and belief. Amongst the faces we could also notice x – students who took out time from their busy schedule to come and wish their faculty and the board. The feeling was over whelming. “We dedicate our performances to our director, the board members, the faculty and also our seniors who have inspired us immensely. Its a little way of saying thank you” smiled Neeraj, a student who received standing ovation for a vocal solo.

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