QuickLessons’ Facebook App, Izzui, Continues to Grow

Izzui is a new Facebook app for sharing online content and knowledge. With Izzui, individuals may purchase and/or sell courses worldwide through Facebook.

Online PR News – 21-July-2011 – – Izzui was the result of a vision for collaborative learning available to all, and a response to requests from the learning community for a place to post their content without having to deal with cumbersome and expensive Learning Management Systems (LMS’s).

With Izzui, anyone can create dynamic and engaging presentations, using the QuickLessons platform for free. Whether or not people choose to create their own courses, any Facebook user can search for interesting ideas and useful information at any time, as well as share, evaluate and comment on published content. Users who develop courses can invite their friends to their courses, and follow their activity on their Izzui uploads.

Izzui users have access to characters, animations, templates, and games, with which to build their own online course on any topic. One of most recent and powerful developments for Izzui users is the introduction of an option to buy or sell content using PayPal.

Izzui already has well over 1,000 people currently using the app. Alfredo Leone, Managing Director at QuickLessons, commented, “We’ve noticed that those who discover Izzui quickly embrace it. It’s growing every day. With Izzui, people are able to take part in an online community for sharing content that is both fun and useful.” He also noted that Facebook is leveling the playing field as a marketing channel for entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach a larger audience, adding that anyone who wants to communicate a service or market online can essentially use Izzui as a type of online digital signage within Facebook. Izzui’s development team predicts B2B and corporate users will follow suit as they see the popular appeal of sharing content.

To learn more about Izzui, go to http://www.izzui.com/en/. Visitors can learn more from a short video at this site, or access Izzui directly within Facebook by typing “Izzui” in the search bar.

About QuickLessons, LLC

QuickLessons provides online, collaborative eLearning course development platforms for creating Flash-based interactive and engaging content. With individual and multi-user plans, customers can create and manage high quality content from anywhere and at anytime for offline, online and LMS use. QuickLessons offers a Free Plan for sharing and tracking eLearning courses on its Facebook application, Izzui. QuickLessons, LLC, is headquartered in Miami, Florida, and is a subsidiary of Affero, a leading corporate education company based in Brazil. QuickLessons is accessible to companies globally through a growing network of resellers and distributors. For more information, visit http://www.quicklessons.com or call +1 (305) 847-2159.