Athena Car Service in Astoria Queens Launches Website With Tools for Travelers

With the launch of their website, Athena Car Service of Astoria Queens is continuing its long tradition of providing valued assistance to travelers, this time in the form of much needed information to go along with an easy-to-use reservation tool.

Online PR News – 17-July-2011 – – Highly regarded Athena Car Service has been providing rides to people in and around the Astoria, Queens NY area for over twenty years. Their longevity in the highly contested transportation space is a testament to the strength of their business model, powered by their loyal clientele. As with any service oriented business, Athena Car Service had to earn their way into a burgeoning client base, but once they've assembled a healthy stream of clients, they would have had to continue providing unparalleled service in order to sustain their business. Two decades and thousands of clients later, Athena Car Service in Astoria Queens is still the transportation of choice not only for individual travelers, but also for groups seeking a car service to JFK Airport, LaGuardia and even Newark. Truly, they have been doing things the right way.

Athena Car Service recently launched their own website, and true to form, Athena ensured that the website delivers commendable value to visitors. Through the website, visitors are able to access travel tools ranging from currency converters to weather forecasts and even flight trackers that can show them the status of any flight in which they have interest. Moreover, the site enables prospective riders to quickly get quotes on travel to and from various New York destinations and even neighboring states such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Most importantly, clients may now go online to reserve their transportation. A few seconds and some clicks later, their ride is secured. It is that easy.

Business travelers to the New York area, at least the self sufficient ones that don't have an admin in tow will often want to make their own reservations, and increasingly, they are looking for a self service kiosk type of transaction that eliminates the unnecessary man-in-the-middle reservation systems of yesteryear. The fast paced digital traveler has quite an aversion to having a conversation just to secure a ride to an airport or another destination. If it can be done online, the modern traveler will want to do that. It's quick and easy, and owing to its digital nature, it is accurate and there is a sense of certainty once the reservation has been made. With an online reservation system, there's no lingering doubt if some misunderstanding might have made its way into the conversation. Simple, direct and effective. That's the philosophy of the modern day road warrior.

The launch of Athena Car Service's website comes at a time when most businesses have transformed their online presence from one that is primarily informational in nature to one that is transactional, able to support a certain aspect of their business, a process perhaps that could be done more efficiently and arguably more accurately in a digital fashion. The launch of ensures that both current and prospective clients are presented with an aesthetically pleasing site that not only educates, but also transacts with the user so that at the end of it all, the clients walks away with what they need: more information and/or a reservation for a car service. Thus, whether a visitor arrives while searching for car service Astoria Queens, or car service to JFK airport, can satisfy their needs.

"Ultimately in this business, either you deliver value to your clientele or someone else will. With our new site, we endeavored to continue to deliver added value to our current client base; that is, to those travelers who have used our service before. Additionally, however, we are also seeking to provide a compelling service to those seeking transportation whether they're headed to the airport, somewhere around town, or even to neighboring states. We want to develop a lifelong relationship with our clients, and to that end, we will continue to explore all avenues to deliver value, and is but one way that we are doing that," explains Stavros Lampropoulos of

Athena Car Service’s goal is to be the most comfortable, safe & reliable transportation to all travelers in the Tri-state area by consistently offering the best possible service. Our main focus has always been our customers. In order to achieve customer satisfaction, Athena has recruited the most experienced drivers in the industry. Our fleet is frequently being scheduled for vehicle inspections and driver training programs. All of our drivers are licensed through the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission and have completed drug testing and background checks.

Stavros Lampropoulos
Athena car service
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