Newly Launched Website of Muse Design Guide Documents Personal Journey of Passive Income Generation

Newly Launched Muse Design Guide Documents A Personal Journey of Passive Income Generation Through A Series of Free Step-By-Step Guides and Video Tutorials which shows Anyone To Make Money Online!

Online PR News – 17-July-2011 – – Muse Design Guide has recently arrived on the scene and is assisting individuals in attaining freedom from their daily 9-5 grind through the creation of their own passive income generating online business or ‘Muse’.

Offering a collection of free online guides and chronologically ordered video tutorials, the founder, Paul Thomson says “ really is possible for anyone to make money online if they are willing to put in the time and effort. We take users from concept idea generation through to product launch strategies and techniques. I consider myself somewhat of a guide and openly post my individual progress online so that others can benefit from the journey!”

The site, which is targeted at entrepreneurs looking to start-up a new online business and make money online, is free to use, and has many free resources, including step-by-step guides, video interviews, tutorials and active forums.

According to Paul, this site comes out at an opportune time because currently there aren’t many, if any at all, step-by-step guides out there that explain to the uninitiated how to start-up an online, passive income generating business in simple steps from start to finish.

Paul Thomson is the founder and creator of the innovative concept and not short on information that can’t help but inspire, the Muse Design Guide is now offering 50 Free Muse Ideas to help start individuals on their journey to making money online.

The prize may be a four day work week for many, but freedom and self sufficiency is incentive enough for the pioneering concept offered at

For further information, please contact: Paul Thomson, Founder,, or visit

About Muse Design Guide

Aiming to help people seeking to perpetuate a perpetual passive income stream, Muse Design Guide has launched as a free online step by step guide and information resource for anyone thinking about starting up their own online passive income generating website or ‘Muse’.

Muse Design Guide aims to bring transparency to the world of online business and to show people that there is no ‘secret’ to making money online, that it’s not as hard as many people think, and that if they can do it, others can, too! Muse is the complete educational and informative Guide to Passive Income Generation, Remote Working and a Financially Independent Lifestyle.

What makes Muse Design Guide different is their aim to provide a step by step guide through the entire muse development process. They take users from concept idea generation through to product launch strategies and techniques. They have special sections on product development, supplier sourcing, website development and advertising. Muse Design Guide will show you how to make money online.