Fuel Cells for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Bharatbook.com added a new report on "Stationary Fuel Cells" analyzes the market for stationary fuel cells in the context of the broader RDEG market, which also includes solar photovoltaics and small wind technologies.

Online PR News – 23-December-2009 – – Fuel Cells for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications: Market Analysis and Forecasts

With global electricity demand continuing to rise, distributed energy generation, using a variety of renewable power technologies, is one of the most important tools for to address energy needs in ways that will have a limited impact on worldwide carbon emissions. Within the Renewable Distributed Energy Generation (RDEG) market, stationary fuel cells, while a relatively small category, are nevertheless an important part of the solution for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. ( http://www.bharatbook.com/detail.asp?id=129507&rt=Stationary-Fuel-Cells.html )

The report indicates that stationary fuel cells offer enormous long-term potential. They offer a clean, efficient source of electricity and range in size from 1 kW up to 10 MW or more. With reformer technology, fuel cells are able to tap into established or accessible sources of fuels such as natural gas, and they can run off of various other fuels including biofuels and gases that are by-products of adjacent industrial processes. With cogeneration or combined heat and power, efficiencies improve dramatically from 40–50% up to as high as 85%. However, cost issues make the technologies’ long-term potential difficult to predict. In order for costs to come down, volumes will have to increase. However, in order for volumes to materialize, costs will need to be reduced substantially. Without uniform government subsidy programs, it is unclear if or when that tipping point may occur. The estimated size of the fuel cell market in 2008 was 38 MW, and it is expected to grow to 219 MW by 2013, representing a CAGR% of 33%. This translates into a market with a dollar value of $242M in 2008 that will grow to nearly $716M by 2013, representing a CAGR% of 24%.

This report analyzes the market for stationary fuel cells in the context of the broader RDEG market, which also includes solar photovoltaics and small wind technologies. The study covers key business issues and drivers of demand for distributed fuel cells, including government-driven legislation and incentives as well as market-based factors. Technology and cost issues are examined in depth, as are a number of key industry players. Market forecasts include fuel cell capacity for large and small stationary applications, system revenues, and installed prices through 2013 for installations in all regions of the world, with line-item segmentation for 12 key countries.

Key questions addressed:

* Why is sub-utility scale Renewable Distributed Energy Generation (RDEG) an important part of the solution to the challenges of climate change?
* What is small wind power and how does it fit in the RDEG landscape?
* What are the key sub-utility scale RDEG technologies and how do they compare across a number of dimensions?
* How big is the Stationary Fuel Cell category today and how large is the market forecast to grow?
* What are the key applications of Fuel Cells?
* What are the key drivers of growth for Fuel Cells?
* Who are the key industry players in the Fuel Cell market?

Who needs this report?

* Fuel cell technology developers
* Distribution, installation, and service providers
* Distributed generation project developers
* Government agencies
* Investor community
* Industry associations and non-profit organizations
* Consulting firms and investment banks focused on RDEG technologies

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