Africasia Funds Targets UK Investors on Carbon Credit Acquisition Trial

The Africasia Funds are a series of boutique closed ended funds that invest in agricultural, renewable energy plantations and forestry businesses.

Online PR News – 18-July-2011 – – Africasia Funds are in the market to purchase Certified Emissions Reductions (CER’s) and Verified Emission Reductions (VER’s) from UK investors in a bid to combat climate change caused by rising CO2 emissions whilst accelerating sustainable development in developing nations. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 from either entering the earth’s atmosphere or reducing Greenhouse Gases (GHG’s) that are currently being released into the atmosphere.

‘The sale of carbon credits to investors has boomed recently in the UK with some investors now looking for realistic exit strategies’ says John Massey director of AF, ‘our acquisition trial provides a transparent and simple way to sell their credits’. The carbon market is a key tool for reducing emissions worldwide, rising carbon dioxide emissions are responsible for the devastating effects of climate change. Projects such as hydro power, solar power, renewable energy and reforestation prevent the generation of GHG’s or remove them from the atmosphere. In turn these projects are awarded carbon credits which can then be "sold" to other businesses and individuals for either speculation on their future value or to retire and offset the emissions they generate.

Africasia Funds are looking to purchase Certified Emissions Reductions (CER’s) and Verified Emissions Reductions (VER’s) generated from projects which reduce the amount of CO2 emissions originating in Asia, Africa, India, USA and Europe.
Under the legally binding Kyoto Protocol, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the instruments created to facilitate carbon trading. CER’s are carbon credits generated by CDM projects which have completed a methodology process and been validated independently.

In the voluntary carbon markets, activities that reduce GHG’s produce Verified Emission Reductions (VERs) that can be sold to companies or individuals wishing to voluntarily reduce their impact on the environment, they are not legally bound to do so under the Kyoto Protocol. Purchasing VERs can be an effective means of offsetting the part of a company’s carbon footprint where it is not in a position to reduce its emissions directly.

The Funds spokesperson, John Massey states “The Africasia Fund welcomes interest from UK investors, project owners and principals with pre-certification or certified CER and VER Projects (VCS/Gold Standard) who should send details of their holdings and projects in the first instance to:

All project information will be handled in the strictest of confidence. Additionally we will consider purchasing certified credits held by private clients or institutions.”

The Africasia Funds are a series of private equity funds targeting investment strategies in the forestry, farming and renewable energy sectors with an operational focus on the African and Asian continents and other geographic locations which may be linked to benefiting commercial enterprise in the Africasia region.

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