LotSoft Giveaway Contest - 10 Full License of DVD / Video Converter

LotSoft Inc, today announced 10 full license DVD / Video converter software giveaway event on their Facebook page. Participators can go visit their homepage, pick up one program, and say they want it on the wall, and then win a chance to get full license code.

Online PR News – 15-July-2011 – – LotSoft today launched a 10 licenses (full and life-time free update) Giveaway Contest on their Facebook page to celebrate their community members grow to TWO thousands. This Giveaway event is wild open to all visitors and the contest rule is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Go visit their homepage: http://www.bdlot.com/
2. Pick up one program (whatever they have on the web)
3. Say you want it on the wall
4. They will randomly choose 10 winners to send the license!
Enjoy this contest at: http://www.facebook.com/LotSoft

Although LotSoft does not push visitors to LIKE their page, the Fans Benefits are really attractive (DON’T forget the complaining fireball is still attacking Netflix’s social media community):
1. Win nonscheduled license code giveaway.
2. Get first-hand technical articles regarding customers’ daily life.
3. Get free living tips from their senior IT support.
4. Freely ask LotSoft community for help about anything.

Editors’ Review on LotSoft’s Product:

"The software performs its function excellently and practice. With it, you can create backups of DVDs and home shopping easy, just follow the steps in the program"
"BDlot Ultimate Clone DVD can make copies of DVDs from a unique technology that ensures a fast and extremely accurate results. Your system can access and unlock the main types of copy protection found on DVDs"
-Analysis Jade Ferreira Petronilla at SuperDownloads

“BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is super easy to use, even for computer users who are not tech savvy. A click on Run is all they have to do in the best case possible, regardless of operation. The available options are easy to understand. All operations that one would expect from a program like this are available and easily configurable.”
- Martin Brinkmann at Ghacks

“I know the name isn’t exactly the most original or entertaining, but it’s actually a very decent piece of software. For one thing, it makes ripping DVDs a very simple process, and has a bunch of unique capabilities.
With such a bunch of features conveniently bundled into one piece of software, BDlot is definitely well worth the money.”
- Written By Herbert Lui and published on Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 at GuidingTech

About LotSoft:
LotSoft, (http://www.bdlot.com/ ) a leading multimedia software provider, specialized on Blu-ray/DVD/Video conversion and backup solution since the foundation in 2006. The company has delivered its professional and innovative applications to more than 8,000,000 satisfied customers all over the world, especially, in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc.