All City Environmental Offers Free Resources On Mold and Mildew

San Francisco based mold removal company, All City Environmental’ is all set to help people understand about mold infestation. Their website discusses the different types of mold and it's potential to cause damage to health and property.

Online PR News – 15-July-2011 – – San Francisco, CA Americans spend millions of dollars every year on problems related to mold infestation. They may not be a cause of concern for a healthy person, but can cause serious problems among children and others who have existing health concerns. A major concern is the lack of information about the causes and consequences of a mold infestation.

San Francisco mold removal ( ) company, All City Environmental has offered to educate people on the different aspects related to the problem. The company’s website discusses about molds and the types under which they are classified. The site also discusses about the different types of molds and their effects on human health. Information is also provided on the source of these molds. Wallemia sp, for example is a common mold found in sugary foods, salted meat, and dairy products.

All City Environment is a professionally managed mold inspection company and offers mold inspection and remediation services to residents of Northern California.

“Molds can be terrible for your family and business. Once the growth begins, they spread and grow on your carpets, floors, clothing, and furniture. Severe instances of mold infestation are known to cause dizziness, headaches, respiratory dysfunction, fever and flu like symptoms, even diarrhea and liver damage in extreme cases,” says the spokesperson for All City Environment.

“It’s important to understand know about the cause and effects of the infestation. It helps to prepare and remain alert for possible symptoms, because there are some molds that are extremely toxic and can cause a lot of health issues. It also helps to aid remediation,” adds the spokesperson.

The mold removal San Francisco ( ) service provider explains throughout the website that there are three main types of molds- viz. allergenic molds, toxigenic molds and pathogenic molds. Each of these differs and has different consequences on human beings. Toxigenic are the most dangerous of all and may even cause cancer.

The website of this San Francisco mold removal ( ) company is ideal for those looking for more information on molds and mold infestations. It provides complete information on the different aspects of the problem, including information on right time to reach for services of an inspection company.

About All City Environment: This San Francisco mold inspection company aims to educate people on the ill-effects of mold sanitation and deliver the best service available.