Sub-Zero Freezing Capabilities Comes From Testing A Potentially New Product To Be Used In NASCAR

A new design for reusable gel packs normally associated with medical products for sprains, bruises and even an ice substitute for coolers comes from trying to find a way to keep pit-crews and soldiers safe in extremely hot conditions. It seems that a possible solution to shipping as well as preventing exposure to bacteria or the slimy mess found in similar products can come from this discovery.

Online PR News – 23-December-2009 – – While trying to find a solution to help NASCAR pit-crews combat the extremely hot conditions they are normally subjected to during the summer months, a group involved with the project tested several options. “Everything from electronic gizmos to freezing a fire-suit was looked at” says Lisa Hartsell, president of End Results Marketing.

The first generation was called Hydro-Cool, , a unique design that merged several elements including a custom reusable gel pack. “Because a normal race can last for hours and the pit-crews have to wear a fire-suit the entire time the cooling had to be able to keep up with their demands” commented Michael Webb, inventor and lead designer. “However, once the product was available online we started noticing that orders were coming in for just the reusable gel pack inserts”. “In fact we were starting to prepare entire pallets of the freezer packs to be shipped all over” Webb added.

The reusable gel pack is capable of reaching dry ice temperatures while offering an insulated barrier on one side giving the user an option on how cold they wanted it. Because most gel packs are 90% water the insert has a unique feature that allows the user the ability to hydrate the insert, themselves, those eliminating unnecessary shipping cost or weighted product sitting on store shelves. Part of its Patent Pending design, once the insert is fully hydrated it then locks everything in preventing the polymers from dehydrating and exposure to the slimy ooze or bacteria normally associated with similar products.

With a potentially new product use and a new customer base they have decided to assign a team to identify the direction they should go. New branding is in the works with the name “Hydro Freeze” for the gel pack, they are also talking with several interested groups, “We hope to make a new announcement in the coming weeks on a potential partner to come on board with us” commented Webb.

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