Eagle Mat Announces Floor Mat Supersite Launch – Rockville, MD

Maryland-based Eagle Mat and Floor Products announces the launch of Eaglemat.com, a new website designed to better serve clients and national consumers alike.

Online PR News – 18-July-2011 – – Eagle Mat and Floor Products has over 3 decades of experience in providing premium commercial matting and flooring services to businesses in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas. The company excitedly announces the launch of Eaglemat.com, an online matting and flooring Supersite designed to better serve local clients while drawing new customers on a national level. The website features Eagle Mat’s full product line including entrance matting, logo mats, recessed mats, as well as a unique variety of other property management products including wall and corner guards, elevator wall pads, stair treads, and wet umbrella bags.
Eaglemat.com will first and foremost serve as a services portal for both current local clients and new prospects. The company provides comprehensive commercial matting services including on-site consultation, space planning, and expert installation. Many local businesses also enjoy Eagle Mat’s floor mat rental services, through which the company creates multiple sets of custom floor mats and rotates them regularly for cleaning. Local clients will enjoy using Eaglemat.com to browse additional products, peruse vivid color samples, and easily schedule service or consultation appointments online. The website will extend far beyond local client services, however, to penetrate a rapidly growing national market.
National sales for commercial floor mats have grown in recent years, prompting a host of vendors to launch websites to compete for market share. While many vendors see the growing online market as a threat, Eagle Mat sees it as an opportunity to extend their expertise to a vast new market of customers.
“Much of our current client base consists of local facility managers, property owners, engineers, and a variety of other small-to-large sized businesses,” says Eagle Mat founder Mike Blumberg. “Through Eaglemat.com, we see a significant opportunity to fulfill the needs of additional customers worldwide with matting, flooring and other building products.”
Eagle Mat and Floor Products continues to serve local clients with a “family business” approach that breeds loyalty and satisfaction.
“We are a family business,” states Jon Blumberg, head of the company’s new online division. “Customer needs are our needs, and we pride ourselves on providing customer service that breeds loyalty.”
Whether local or national, real world or virtual, Eagle Mat and Floor Products is positioning themselves for growth over the coming year with the launch of Eaglemat.com. Businesses in the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas may visit Eaglemat.com/services/ for more information on matting and flooring consultation, planning, and installation. Businesses outside the Eagle Mat Headquarters service area may still visit Eaglemat.com to browse a full collection of matting and property management products!
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