Also, if found worthy of recognition, the best stories will eventually become a part of a book of collection of scary short stories which will be published by us eventually."" /> PR Single – Online PR Media

"Short n Scary Stories is an online story submission website which provides authors worldwide to share their scariest fantasies, memories or real life experiences in the form of a short story. This will eventually form a wide collection, from a supernatural fantasy to a true paranormal experience, of scary short stories which will be read by a global audience.
Also, if found worthy of recognition, the best stories will eventually become a part of a book of collection of scary short stories which will be published by us eventually."

Online PR News – 15-July-2011 – – A website which provides an opportunity for writers to gain worldwide recognition

July 14, 2011, New Delhi, India: People may claim to be non-believers of the strange activities reported of spirits but answer this, have you never questioned “Do they really exist”? Thousands of stories have been written and read on suspense, existence of supernatural creatures, spirits haunting after they were called back to Earth, serial killers hunting people down and stories told to little children around the campfire! No one knows the truth behind them but everyone still has a story to tell when the night creeps in. These stories have been written on the internet but how many come out and get published to be circulated around to be read under the bed sheet covers at night?

Short n Scary Stories, recently launched online forum, provides writers, globally, a platform to submit their scary short stories and a rare opportunity to have it published, if found worthy of recognition. It believes in not letting a story die among the innumerable stories available on the Internet but to bring it to front so as to be read in the form of a book. The trend of short stories renewed in the post-war era, a need to write short descriptions of several incidents, continued to make it to the 21st century and transformed in the realms of blog and e-zines. Why the specific genre of “scary” or horror has been taken up is because it slowly grew on people with the rise of Gothic in the Renaissance period. The belief that an age old tradition should be kept alive is what keeps them going.

Short n Scary Stories is available at, some of the few advantages of this website are
• Registering and becoming a member of the website is only a few clicks away.
• The story published will receive the attention of worldwide audience, media, agents and various educational institutions.
• As the site provides a facility for the members to create their own profile, they can explore the site and comment on various stories, thus helping the author to gain a viable feedback on his/her short story.
• Also, the site aims at providing you with an opportunity to get your story published in form of a book. The best rated and highest voted stories will become a part of a book of short scary stories collection, which will be published by us eventually.
• Short n Scary Stories holds a weekly contest of “Best Story of the Week”, where the best story is selected based on its content, rating and number of people voting for it. This aims to provide the authors with a boost of confidence and a step closer towards publication in the book.

Short n Scary Story is a unique website where writers, amateur or experienced, can post their stories and enter the limelight globally. The website already has enough members and is fully functioning. You may browse through the stories and get the basic ideas of what type of stories are being posted, but the site remains strict towards accepting only scary and short stories.

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