Bandwidth Guzzling Websites Create Problems for Their Visitors

Study reveals websites using advanced flash graphics and other bandwidth consuming features can impede access for large portions of their target market.

Online PR News – 22-December-2009 – – Irbtrax, a specialized SEO Internet Marketing and Market Research firm, announces it's completed a six month study that indicates that Websites that consume a lot of user Bandwidth can unknowingly create major problems for their visitors. Problems that include extremely slow page download rates, Core Message confusion, and in some cases near impossible access.

Additional studies have shown that these issues, if not properly addressed, can contribute to higher than necessary Click-through. Which generally manifests itself in a high Bounce Rate and Low Time on Site. Resulting in avoidable missed business opportunities.

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Irbtrax explains the meaning of the term user 'Bandwidth Guzzling' as-

'Websites that may be appear visually appealing, especially to the site owner, but end up presenting technical and textual problems to a sizeable segment of their target audience. Problems that can prevent a company with an online presence from maximizing their Internet Marketing and SEO investments.'

In addition to often being unnecessary, some of these features are not Search Engine Friendly. And can result in a site receiving a lower page rank. Especially since Google's newest major Search Algorithm change- Caffeine, is placing a high degree of importance on page download rates and other user friendly website experiences.

Website features that can contribute to user access and core message issues include:

Advanced Flash Animation such as large 3D banners.
Auto play imbedded videos, persistent pop-ups, and scrolling text.
An abundance of flash images and slow loading high resolution graphics.

Citing an example, Irbtrax founder Scott Moir states-

'Some of the issues we’ve outlined are obvious. Others like scrolling text and persistent pop-ups are more subtle because research has shown this form of animated graphic can actually distract visitors from concentrating on the site's core message. Including focusing on important selling points and quantified benefits.'

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