Real estate website developer releases unique free keyword discovery tool

Real estate website developer Top Seller Sites releases a free keyword research tool to help real estate agents and commercial brokers find the best keywords for organic SEO or pay per click marketing campaigns.

Online PR News – 22-December-2009 – – Nampa, Idaho - Idaho real estate web developer Top Seller Sites released a new keyword discovery tool called the Real Estate Keywords Tool to help agents and brokers find the best keywords to target in their search engine marketing campaigns. The tool allows real estate professionals to quickly and easily compile lists of up to 17,879 keywords for the cities and keyword variations that will be important to their online marketing success.

SEO consultant Kevin Harper says that he built the tool for his own use in developing search engine optimization strategies for his clients, but wanted to share it freely with the real estate community.

"I developed the site because Excel was becoming too time-consuming to concatenate keyword modifiers with cities, counties, states, and state abbreviations. I found that many keywords and grammatical structures were common to real estate keywords, and decided to write a script to compile my keyword lists by checking off simple boxes."

It is definitely easy to use. Agents simply select their state, Canadian province, or U.S. Territory. Then they enter up to twenty location names such as cities, counties, or neighborhoods, and select the keywords they want appended to the locations. He says the keyword choices come from years of experience doing real estate SEO for clients in many different markets.

"We have recently been doing more commercial real estate websites, so we've started adding the more popularly used keyword combinations used by commercial brokers, buyers, and sellers. This has increased the appeal of the keyword tool dramatically, since commercial real estate has been in the news lately."

Harper says the keyword choices include some specialized keywords as well, including real estate investment keywords for marketing multifamily properties and recreational real estate keywords for agents who specialize in that.

How do you use the keyword list returned by the tool? That depends on the user's level of sophistication, according to Harper.

"We generally use the list in combination with Google's keyword tool to identify opportunities for organic SEO that will benefit our clients by producing more targeted website traffic and leads. It can be used in blogging, article writing, and backlinking campaigns."

He says that more keyword choices will be offered in the future in response to clients' needs. In the meantime, he encourages real estate agents and brokers to use the site to come up with keyword combinations they hadn't thought of before.

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