Dating Advice Coach Goes Digital

Dating Coach for successful women takes his gig online.

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – – A 38 year old dating advice coach who prefers to just go by his first name, Jim, to protect his clients, was interviewed recently by one of those very clients, CJ, about his unique dating program and taking his efforts online.

"When I began to notice this I thought it was just crazy. All these successful educated professional female women were succeeding in every area of their life except dating. It was almost like the higher their salary, the worse luck they had in love."

Jim specializes in dating advice specifically for career minded successful women after he noticed peculiar traits these women had that hindered their success at romance.

CJ said of Jim, "He is really interested in this topic. Just fascinated, the more I asked him the more he opened up new perspectives on things, and sure enough there were reasons why I as a very successful women, especially at this stage of my career, had a harder time dating successfully. Jim studies tirelessly all the time. The more intuitive and perceptive he can become the happier he seems."

Jim explained that the dating advice for women compasses that were so geared to success they had lost their bearing about how to deliberately create attraction in the men they were dating. Many of them also had issues surrounding trust, and of course high expectations.

After going through coaching to explain some basic enlightening cues and tips about how attraction works for men and women, and how the process of commitment works for men these women just "got" it and went on to date effortlessly and had fun doing it all the while attracting real quality men into their life.

Part of the problem was that these women liked strong, meticulous, ambitious, alpha males. Since they were also strong, smart, quick witted ambitious women themselves they were quick to start swapping war stories.

Jim could quickly see that the men they were with felt like they left the battlefield of work and relationships with their guy friends and weren't looking for any more war stories on dates.

It was a classic case of thinking what you like equals what the other person must also like.

"These women were basically coming to dates and dumping their resumes in these guys laps. When it didn't work out they would say he was 'intimidated'. Far from it. He was looking for a date - something that he couldn't get from his co-workers."

It was also very important for the women in Jim's coaching program to realize that they did not have to change as people. In fact men love women who have their own life.

Jim found it very satisfying to be able to teach women basically how to conduct the interview of dating without giving up any of their feminine traits.

CJ said, "Jim called me and asked me if he should go online. He was hesitant because he told me he enjoyed the personal interactions and felt that the internet was so impersonal. I am on the internet all the time and really is about relationships when you do it right, and I know Jim will do it right. His site is still in the infancy stage, but know I Jim, he will do it right."

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