July 2011 issue of ClubHack Magazine is released

In this issue we'll be covering topics such as Using Metasploit with Nessus Bridge on Ubuntu in Tech Gyan, Armitage – The Ultimate Attack Platform for Metasploit in Tool Gyan,User Agents in Moms Guide, The Exploitation Ka Baap MSF in MatriuxVibhag, Trademark Law and Cyberspace in Legal Gyan and Penetration Testing with Metasploit Framework in Mom’s Guide.

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – – Dear all, I'm back here on this page after a long gap to give you some great news. Firstly ClubHack Mag is now partners with the famous infosec magazines - Hakin9 and PenTestMag.

Second, I hope you remember our feb2011 issue covering "Mantra" & hope that you all are having good time with it. Well, the good news is Mantra - a browser based security framework is now an OWASP project, Yay!! 

Coming back to this issue, this time the theme is Metasploit. Yes, the "ultimate tool" in every hacker's arsenal! This issue covers the topics such as basics of Metasploit in Mom's guide, the Metasploit GUI - Armitage in Tools Gyan, How to run nessus from within Metasploit in Tech Gyan, exploiting a machine using Metasploit in Matriux Vibhag and Trademark Law and Cyberspace in Legal Gyan. 

Starting with June 2011 issue, CHMag will be available in ePUB format which readers can download on their kindle/ipad/other ebook readers. Thanks to our new online friend Jason Barnett for volunteering for this initiative. To download epub check chmag.in Do let us know what topics you would like us to cover.  We are also open to criticism, it helps us to improve :) And of course you can send your articles also to info@chmag.in We love to publish ;)

a. Using Metasploit with Nessus Bridge on Ubuntu (Tech Gyan)
Ever wondered how to use the autopwn feature in Metasploit on Ubuntu? Want to run nessus from within metasploit? What database should I use; sqlite3 or postgres? David Dodd will explain the benefits of both. The concept will allow you to do various tasks with your nessus server and nmap from within the msf command line.

b. Armitage – The Ultimate Attack Platform for Metasploit (Tool Gyan)
Armitage is a graphical management tool for Metasploit. It helps you to indulge your senses by visualizing your targets, recommends exploits and exposes the advance capabilities of the framework. Armitage takes Metasploit’s capabilities to a new level of ease with new features like: Discovery, Access, Post Exploitation, and Manoeuvre.
In this article, author explains what is armitage & how to use armitage. Author has explored the user interface of armitage tool. He has also shown the step by step demonstration to accomplish penetration testing.

c. Penetration Testing with Metasploit Framework (Mom's Guide)
This month’s mom's guide is about metasploit framework. In the article, author has explained metasploit framework and details steps to demonstrate penetration testing. The Metasploit Framework is a program and sub-project developed by Metasploit LLC. It was initially created in 2003 in the Perl programming language, but was later completely re-written in the Ruby Programming Language. With the most recent release (3.7.1) Metasploit has taken exploit testing and simulation to a complete new level which has muscled out its high priced commercial counterparts by increasing the speed and lethality of code of exploit in shortest possible time.

d. The Exploitation Ka Baap MSF (MatriuxVibhag)
In this article you will learn to use metasploit framework on Matriux platform. You will learn to access metasploit framewrok and process step by step operation of penetration testing. Particularly in Matriux, Msfconsole is the most widely used and powerful mode of metasploit framework. Author explained the steps for penetration testing for the same.

e. Trademark Law and Cyberspace (Legal Gyan)
In this legal gyan article you will know about Trademark law and cyberspace. This article explains what is the significance of trademark for individual or business organization which represents trade or business and which is capable of distinguishing goods or services from that of others. You will know what trademark is and what its impact on business organization in case of branding issues. The author Sagar Rahurkar discussed the trademark issues with domain name registering, using similar HTML meta tags of brand and its impact on base brand. Also Sagar explains the web page framing and deep hyperlinking trademark issues with an example.

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