Ann Arbor Helps Hundreds of People to Fight Depression

Medical Marijuana Offers a Breakthrough in Depression Treatm

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – – Ann Arbor, Michigan - July [13th], 2011 - Hundreds of people are fighting depression and one company in Ann Arbor is fighting back through the uses of medical marijuana. Ann Arbor Health Collective is a medical cannabis dispensary, which ensures complete discretion for its patients seeking treatment for depression.

It is widely known in the medical world that medical marijuana aides in the treatment of depression, as well as other illnesses. These include relief of pain, muscle spasms, nausea and eye pressure. Cannabis can lift your mood, leading to feelings of happiness and well being.

Ann Arbor Health Collective wants to relieve patients suffering from depression. That is why it treats its customers with exceptional customer service.

“You are not considered a criminal here,” says the organization. “You are a patient who has needs.”

This medicinal marijuana dispensary inspects every medicine to ensure quality control and that those it cares for are receiving the best possible treatment.

Medical cannabis in Michigan is an alternative treatment for depression. Many patients with this disease are prescribed clinical anti-depressants by their doctors. However, the side effects of these drugs can sometimes lead to a more depressed state in the patient.

A low dose of medical marijuana by a doctor stimulates serotonin, a depression fighting chemical, in the body. Although medical marijuana is a restorative, it can also be abused like any other drug. Moderation is important when using medical cannabis.

Ann Arbor Health Collective is trained to diagnose and administer medicinal cannabis to restore patients to health. Their goal is to help people regain a normal life without depression through the moderate use of medical marijuana.