HubShout’s New Dashboard Gives SEO Resellers An Advantage Over Competitors

Recent SEO reseller dashboard enhancements make HubShout’s Social Media Service more informational and interactive

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – HubShout, LLC, a U.S.-based SEO service with comprehensive tools for SEO outsourcing, recently refined its reporting dashboard so that direct clients and resellers’ clients will have access to more data than ever before. The modules on the new dashboard include: SEO, PPC, Email, Sales and Social. Within each module of the dashboard, clients can click on sub-modules to view greater detail.

Clients that outsource SEO to HubShout receive a white label SEO dashboard that is now more easily customized with a wider range of color choices and more space for branding. The font and graphics on the new dashboard are contemporary and the overall style is more visually appealing than the previous version. The new dashboard was released to HubShout’s private label SEO resellers in early June.

HubShout follows all search engine marketing trends and educates resellers with monthly
e-newsletters and frequent webinars. Early on, HubShout recognized the emerging power of social media and added a Social Media Monitoring Service designed to notify SEO resellers’ clients of online comments about their businesses. HubShout SEO resellers were able to use the Social Media Monitoring Service to bring about an awareness of social media’s impact on their clients’ business reputation, particularly when a negative comment or review was posted. Clients that sign up for the Social Media Monitoring Service can receive social media data in the form of an email report and can elect to receive negative data only.

On the upgraded dashboard, the Social module has been enhanced with a number of new features. A graph at the top of the screen gives a quick snapshot of the number of social media mentions, by month. Clients can click on the bar representing the level of mentions to get an exact number for the particular month. Clients are able to compare the numbers from month to month and get a sense of the intensity of the buzz about their business. To the left of the graph, a color-coded pie chart shows the source of the mentions. Clients can click on various regions of the chart to view the total number of mentions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Blog, Google News, stumbleupon, YouTube, Yelp and so on.

Below the graph, the HubShout dashboard provides a daily feed of all social mentions for the client. Each mention includes a short blurb to indicate the topic of the mention, a link to the mention as well as “sentiment” score. Clients can be vigilant about monitoring for negative sentiments and take action to prevent any less than flattering comment from picking up traction on the web. HubShout offers reputation management services as part of the social media package and SEO resellers can offer the service to their clients if needed.

Should the number of positive social media mentions drop, clients can take advantage of the My Customer Review feature that allows them to solicit social comments and product/service reviews. My Customer Review uses HubShout’s email marketing tool to encourage customers to spread the word about a client’s business. SEO reseller’s clients can post the reviews and comments on review sites, their own websites or use them in marketing materials. Clients can reward customers that generate referrals and offer them special incentives for their loyalty.

HubShout was well prepared for the growing awareness and interest in using social media sites as a marketing platform. Social media services are continually updated and enhanced to keep up with the latest trends. HubShout’s social media package includes setting up and managing campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. HubShout private label SEO resellers can consult with HubShout to develop custom social media packages for their clients.

HubShout also offers a pay-per-click service for advertising on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. As with search engine PPC campaigns, such as Google Adwords and Bing, the white label SEO reseller’s private dashboard automatically reports all social media PPC campaign data. The dashboard, integrated with Google Analytics, shows clicks, cost and conversions and a monthly report is automatically emailed on behalf of clients that have outsourced SEO. The transparency and accountability of the dashboard gives HubShout’s private label SEO resellers a tremendous advantage over their competitors.

For more information about HubShout’s search marketing services or a demonstration on how the new dashboard can be optimized for white label SEO outsourcing, please contact HubShout directly.

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