City Water Pipes Rusting; Rusterizer Offers Solution To Reduce Repair Spending

Water pipes in Malden City are rusting. To help reduce the repair cost, Rusterizer suggests the use of a green rust remover.

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 – – The water mains of Malden is about a century old. And after a long time of distributing water to the residents, they are now rusting. To fix the problem, the city is on the process of replacing approximately 12 miles of its water piping.

The replacement of the water mains costs $13.3 million in an estimate. To reduce the expenses, suggests the use of a rust remover. The problem is that the rust formation is already too thick, about four inches. It had already narrowed the six-inch diameter of the pipes to two inches resulting to inadequate water pressure and insufficient water volumes.

If only the problem had been addressed sooner, believes that the cost of the repair could have been much lesser. To avoid the same thing from happening, the site suggests immediate rust treatment with the help of Rusterizer. Readers can get it at

Rusterizer is basically a rust remover made of biodegradable ingredients. And because it is made of natural components, it contains no toxins that can cause allergies and other chemical-related diseases. However, despite being green, it promises effectiveness.

“Rusterizer is a green product. It poses no threats to its users and the environment. Additionally, it is effective. Apart from metal items, it works very well on concrete, glass, plastic and other surfaces. Our series of laboratory tests make sure of that, and we have our customers to prove that.” said one of the product's creators.

Rusterizer is being officially manufactured and distributed by MyCleaningProducts. The company's Chief Executing Officer, Markus Skupeika, has this to say about the green rust remover: “Like the rest of our green cleaners, Rusterizer is safe and effective. It's tough on rust but gentle on skin and generally on health. You might be able to find a rust removal product as effective as it is but definitely, not as

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