San Diego Implant Dentist Lectures at UCSD Student-Run Dental Clinic

Dr. Ian Aires, D.D.S., an implant dentist serving San Diego, recently offered a pro-bono lecture to UCSD dental students.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – San Diego, California – Dr. Ian Aires, D.D.S., a leading prosthodontist specializing in dental implants in San Diego and co-owner of the dental practice Permadontics, recently offered a pro-bono lecture to dental students at UCSD focused on treatment options for patients with extremely poor dental health that may be destined to wear dentures. San Diego dental students run a free clinic offering dental care to the homeless and working poor throughout the area and Dr. Aires was invited to share valuable information with the students in order to enhance their knowledge about various dental treatment options.

During his lecture, Dr. Aires discussed innovative techniques that make it possible to restore patients’ teeth using dental implants supported by fixed bridgework in just one day. This one day implant restoration offers San Diego residents an opportunity to improve their dental health and avoid the need for dentures. The procedure, often called “same day teeth”, has been utilized to treat three patients Pro –Bono so far this year through the Permadontics center. Same day teeth procedures have been performed on a Vietnam vet, a mother of four who was previously homeless and is now a paid worker for the United Way, and an aging Russian immigrant.

“The UCSD student-run free dental clinic offers a great opportunity for dental students to gain valuable dental experience while also obtaining a better understanding of the value of volunteerism and social responsibility,” explains Dr. Aires. “Therefore, I was happy to share my expertise, as well as to volunteer my time with the program. As an implant dentist in San Diego, I can provide valuable information and insight to help students understand that there are alternatives to dentures, and that with this innovative one day procedure, even patients coming to the free dental clinic can receive dental implants quickly and effectively.”

To date, the student-run dental clinic at UCSD has provided more than $3.2 million in dental care to homeless and working poor patients through three clinics throughout San Diego. The students have already volunteered more than 49,000 hours, and local dentists volunteer their time one night per week as well. So far, nearly 10,000 patients have been served by the clinic. UCSD is the only undergraduate dental program in the country offering this program that provides valuable benefits to both their students as well as the underserved local population.

Dr. Aires offers dental implants in his San Diego oral surgery practice, Permadontics, and specializes in immediate function dental implants. Along with his partner, oral surgeon Dr. Joel Berger, they offer patients innovative and transformative dental implant procedures that improve dental health and enhance smiles.


Dr. Ian Aires is a prosthodontist and implant dentist in San Diego, California. He is co-owner of the dental practice, Permadontics, one of Southern California’s premier dental implant centers. For more information about Dr. Aires and Permadontics, visit or call 866-737-6583.

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