FabTrol Systems’ video shows how its new steel fabrication software does more with less user effort

FabTrol System’s smart re-engineered steel fabrication management software does more automatically

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – Eugene, Oregon

FabTrol Systems’ latest YouTube video demonstrates the benefits the company’s new fabrication management software brings to the steel fabrication industry. Taking advantage of extensive research about steel fabricators’ needs, the company’s 12-person development team has used the most modern development tools and processes available to build streamlined, easy-to-use software with unprecedented, behind-the-scenes data processing power and workflow integration.

The result for fabricators is a steel fabrication management solution that:

- Is quick to learn and easy to use.
- Takes over repetitive, error-prone activities and manages them automatically or with minimal user input.
- Provides easy access to the real-time information fabricators need to make smart, money-saving decisions.

To learn more about how FabTrol Systems’ new software does more while fabricators do less, watch the company’s most recent video where you can see firsthand the software’s power, automation and ease-of-use, including:

- Automatic drawing status updates and automatic real-time status display in the drawing log.
- Personalized project lists so that each user’s selected projects are automatically loaded in the drawing log.
- Drag and drop RFI tools to create RFIs and RFI responses from Outlook emails. All documents attached to the original email are included in the RFI/RFI response and are automatically added to the drawing register and then logged for one-click review.
- Automatic identification of out-of-date fabrication drawing revisions on the shop floor.
- Automatic identification of out-of-contract design drawings following an import.
- A personal filter library that allows you to set a complex filter and save it for automatic reuse.

The power, automation and ease-of-use described here represent only a fraction of the capabilities of FabTrol Systems’ new steel fabrication management software. For more information, visit www.fabtrol.com or call 541-485-4719.

FabTrol Systems, a proud member of the Dowco Group, has been the leading supplier of steel fabrication management software for 25 years. In one modular integrated solution, FabTrol MRP provides management tools for estimating, drawings, materials, production, and shipping. Founded by steel fabricators, and still built around a core team of former steel fabricators, the company continues its commitment to the industry by actively seeking feedback from its customer companies—over 1,000 globally—and by working with other industry leaders to address existing and future needs.

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