MyReviewsNow in Affiliation with The Penny Stock Prophet Announce Two Free Stock Picks

The Penny Stock Prophet is one of the bestselling investment programs on the market. Now the Penny Stock Prophet and MyReviewsNow bring the program to investors for a 60-day trial run.

Online PR News – 18-July-2011 – – NewYork, NY, July 13, 2011 - MyReviewsNow in affiliation with the Penny Stock Prophet is offering two free stock picks for those who purchase James Connelly’s "The Penny Stock Prophet" ebook. This best seller shows investors how to receive an average of 45% returns with his penny stock secrets.

The program shows how author James Connelly turned a $1,000 investment into $1 million profit investing only in penny stocks. James Connelly, the Penny Stock Prophet, shares his secrets on how he is able to determine stocks that consistently double his money. The system he reveals shows how investors can see huge return on their investment in 30 days when they are able to determine which stocks are going to "break out" and bring investors large returns.

One successful investor who used the program says "I wish I had held this even longer! I had $6,000.00 invested and I dumped all the shares when I was over 50%. That's $3,250.00 profit! I actually bought back in this morning at $0.09 with $3,125.00 and I netted an additional $2,284.00. I nearly doubled my original $6,000.00 investment." More success stories can be viewed by visiting The Penny Stock Prophet Website.

This ability for even new investors to see huge returns on their investment is one of the reasons this program is so popular. For people who are looking at breaking into investing, this program helps them get an introduction with a lower investment than what would be needed for stock market trading and still see results. Investors who have experience and are looking at breaking into the penny stock market can do so without investing a large sum of money. This helps them determine whether or not penny stock market investing is something in which they are interested, and they are able to see a return on their money in a short period of time.

About James Connelly: James Connelly earned his nickname "The Penny Stock Prophet" due to his innate ability to determine which penny stocks are about to break out and bring handsome returns. Starting at the age of 19, his stock picks have consistently shown record breaking gains, and all of them were undervalued stocks. He has now developed a program where he teaches other investors his strategies that have brought him so much success.

Author James Connelly has made "The Penny Stock Prophet" available for immediate purchase and download. The program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee from James Connelly and two free penny stock selections from "The Penny Stock Prophet" himself.

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