Cambridge Classic Ford Announces that Ford is Researching Fuel Efficient Tires

Ford is expanding their research on fuel efficient tires and increasing the availability of their current technologically enhanced tires that can increase fuel efficiency by up to 2 mpg. These innovative tires can be seen at Cambridge Classic Ford.

Online PR News – 18-July-2011 – – While the price of gas continues to rise, Ford is looking for more ways to help consumers save. One of the ways in which Ford is doing this is through researching and increasing the availability of their fuel efficient tires. These tires can be seen at Cambridge Classic Ford, where they are currently used on the Fiesta SFE, Focus SFE, and Fusion Hybrid.

The innovative tires can increase fuel economy by up to 2 mpg, thanks to low rolling resistance. Rolling reistance is a measure of the force required for a vehicle to travel down the road, and a low rolling resistance is a key component for fuel efficient cars. Cambridge Classic Ford confirms that Ford has announced the expansion of these innovative tires to the C-MAX Energi, C-MAX Hybrid, and Focus Electric. Consumers can also find technologically enhanced, fuel-efficient tires on the 2011 Ford Edge, Explorer, Fusion, Taurus, and the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

In addition to their current use of fuel-friendly tires, Ford’s Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn is also looking to develop new materials for efficient tires. The tire team is working with other leading tire companies and Ford’s Chassis Engineering and Vehicle Engineering functions to test out new tire tread designs, compounds, and other innovations. While the struggle for many tire manufacturers up to this point has been the inability to create a tire that has good on-road traction, slow wear, and a low rolling resistance, but that is exactly what Ford aims to accomplish.

Ford has been looking into ways to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance for several years now, and it shows in the automaker’s lineup, which includes an industry-leading four 40-plus-mpg cars. Visit Cambridge Classic Ford online to check out our selection of vehicles that feature these fuel efficient tires at Follow Cambridge Classic Ford on Twitter at

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