New Book Reveals the Secrets to Running a Successful Psychotherapy Practice Without Managed Care

Innovative Psychotherapist Reveals How He Has Applied the Practical Wisdom of a Tao/Aikido Inspired Approach to Run a Successful Practice for Over 25 Years WITHOUT Ever Relying on Managed Care!

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – TEANECK, N.J. – July 11, 2011 – While managed care has long been considered the 'anti-cure' by leading psychotherapists, one psychologist, Dr. Rick Blum, Ph.D., has been able to run a successful practice free of its control for over 25 years.

Blum has written a new book, detailing his experience succeeding at fee for service practice and instructing other psychotherapists how they can do the same. The book is entitled, “The Tao of Your Psychotherapy Practice – How to Best Serve Your Clients While Maximizing Your Professional Freedom.”

“Using these exact methods, I have continued to regenerate a fully independent practice for decades, regardless of economic cycles,” said Blum, whose practice is located in West Hartford, Connecticut. “Without participation in any managed care panels and without discounting fees, I have enjoyed a full practice of thirty-four sessions each week since I opened my practice in 1986.”

Here’s what Steve Simmer, M.S.W., Ph.D., Psychotherapist, creator of
the “Men and Anger” seminars, Northampton, MA, says about Dr. Blum’s work: “Dr. Blum has done for therapists what the innovative martial arts teachers did for combat – observed what the great masters do, then break this down into parts so that it can be taught as a series of techniques.”

Readers of the book will learn how to harness the forces hindering successful practice in order to:

• Eliminate fights with insurance companies
• Overcome concern over the size of a practice
• Use both the forces aiding and the forces hindering their career to offer their best work for clients’ benefit

In the book, Dr. Blum outlines a fast, simple way to infuse a practice with an elegant approach that allows both clients and the psychotherapist to attain freedom simultaneously.

This approach frees a psychotherapist from the worries associated with the pressures of managed care, such as:

• Limited treatment periods
• Termination of treatment before a client is ready
• Increased pressure to rely on medication
• Having to follow unhelpful treatment protocols

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Dr. Rick Blum, a licensed psychologist in West Hartford, Connecticut, has enjoyed a full-time psychotherapy practice since 1986. With degrees from Brandeis University, the University of Iowa, and Syracuse University, he received his PhD. from Saybrook University. Dr. Blum has distinguished himself in his private practice by earning a reputation for remarkable results, allowing him to be one of the few psychologists with a brimming schedule without entering any managed care panels.

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