Study Shows Websites Are Excluding Access to Their Target Market

Internet Market Research firm reveals study showing many websites are unintentionally and unknowingly excluding important segments of their target market.

Online PR News – 22-December-2009 – – Irbtrax, an emerging SEO Internet Market Research firm, recently conducted random testing of 100 websites and found that over 85% were not efficiently accessible or optimally viewable to their online target audience. Which can result in lost revenue by creating higher than necessary Bounce Rates and adversely impacting other important website metrics. Websites studied included both Business to Business and Business to Consumer.

To assist website owners in determining if they are unintentionally excluding potential visitors and customers Irbtrax developed 'Y2K-X Technology Testing'. Irbtrax believes that 'Y2K-X Technology Testing', henceforth known as Y2K-XT², is more important than ever giving the impending launch of Google's new major Search Algorithm- Caffeine. Which is expected to reward sites that are universally viewable based on page download rates and other related factors.

For additional information on Caffeine visit the Irbtrax website displayed below the Media Information in this release or read:

Y2K-XT² encompasses three important phases:

The universal test for website download times.
Studying Core Message view ability and accessibility.
Applying the findings to a company's online target audience.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir-

'With the growing popularity of I-phones and other small screen technology, it's important to make sure these users have effective access. On the other side of the spectrum, it's been reported that the recessionary economy has caused a resurgence in the use of 56K Dial Up services.'

Irbtrax stresses that while websites might download fast and efficiently from the standpoint of a company's high speed access, these results don’t always reflect whats happening in the actual market place.

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