Esources Database Listing Over Two Thousand Profiles Of Wholesale DVD Suppliers

Esources has added new international and UK suppliers to its large wholesale database to help buyers source popular DVDs at discount prices.

Online PR News – 17-July-2011 – – Esources, UK’s fastest growing online trade directory is now offering contact details and profiles of 2,000 international and UK based suppliers of DVDs. In spite of their popularity on eBay, DVD products have never been easy to source, owing to the dearth of verified, reliable wholesalers who offer the right pricing and products. Esources aims to rectify this problem by facilitating easy search for suppliers of wholesale DVD, wholesale mobile phones and other types of electronic wholesale UK. While DVDs form one of the most popular product categories on eBay, looking for suppliers for DVDs can be a harrowing experience, particularly for small retailers and eBay sellers. There is not much choice out there for buyers, considering that either most wholesale DVD suppliers want to sell stocks in large bulk or they offer insignificant discounts.

DVDs may be a popular product category but not all DVDs sell equally well. Blockbusters, recently released movies and documentaries, well-known classics and new sitcoms are among the more popular products.

Unfortunately, few suppliers offer bestselling items in their pallets. The reseller who purchases large pallets of lesser-known products often has to provide desperate discounts to gain new customers. To outdo rivals on eBay, wholesale DVD buyers should focus on finding suppliers who offer bestselling products at appropriate prices. Only then can they hope to make a profit selling DVDs via eBay or any online outlet.

Thanks to the eSources database, buyers can now browse through hundreds of verified supplier profiles on a single website instead of searching high and low through a variety of search engines. They can look for suppliers by keyword, location or business type (importer, distributor, manufacturer and so on).