The Forbidden Love: New Book Teaches Wisdom Along The Journey From Near Suicide to Self Love

Shahina Lakhani, author of "The Forbidden Love," takes readers on her journey from loneliness and despair to a state of powerful living. Along the way, Lakhani reveals specific strategies for attracting passion and success through inner knowing.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – ATLANTA, GA -- It was in the darkest hours of Shahina Lakhani's life that she stumbled upon the path to that would eventually lead to a life of joy and abundance. In her new book, "The Forbidden Love: Attracting Passion And Success Through Inner Knowing," Lakhani takes readers on this journey and leads them to the gateway of their own path of discovery.

"Without a toolkit of successful thinking tools, our "rational" minds will often create false barriers that prevent us from leading a life of true freedom and joy. Training our minds to interpret the world around us differently -- and learning how to listen to the heart is the first step to building a life of passion and success," says Lakhani.

Without a toolkit of successful thinking tools our

In the book, Lakhani addresses negative thought patterns that choke our ability create and maintain a state of powerful living. Speaking candidly about feelings of fear, loneliness, worthlessness, and destructive inner monologues, Lakhani brings these issues front and center and then shows readers how to replace these destructive feelings with useful tools to build a life of joy.

"The Forbidden Love: Attracting Passion And Success Through Inner Knowing," is available online for instant download at:

"Through my coaching and in this book, I teach people real life skills for living powerfully from the inside out, showing them how to bring down their inner barriers to the life of their dreams by following simple yet effective techniques for self-exploration and inner transformation," says Lakhani.

Lakhani has worked with hundreds of individuals as they've traveled from the dark to the light. As a Transition [life to death] Coach, she specializes in helping those who are dying to settle their inner turmoil before passing. She also coaches families of loved ones as they journey through this difficult time.

"In my practice, I meet people every day that desperately want to learn to live just for a moment before they die. My goal with this book is to reach people long before they reach that point, so that they can enjoy many years of joyful living.

About Shahina Lakhani:
Shahina Lakhani RN is a life strategies coach that helps people to live powerfully through change until their last breath. She serves people undergoing major life change and specializes in serving those who are dealing with serious illness and terminal illness, as well as their loved ones. Lakhani is the author of "The Forbidden Love: Attracting Passion And Success Through Inner Knowing."

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