Uneak Press, Inc. Releases Hard Hitting Sci-Fi Thriller, “Wednesday’s Child” by J.A. Carlton

Uneak Press, Inc., releases sci-fi thriller “Wednesday’s Child” by J.A. Carlton. The first book in her “Freedom Fighter” series details the bleak aftermath of a socio-politically motivated eugenics nightmare seemingly ripped from today’s headlines.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – Austin, Tx., July, 2011 –

Uneak Press, Inc. is an Austin based publisher with an eye on authors more interested in sharing their passion rather than adhering to dogmatic storytelling formula. Uneak’s first author, J.A. Carlton has been writing thrillers, horror and science fiction for over twenty years.

“Wednesday’s Child” is a sociopolitical thriller with some science-fiction leanings.

The story takes place in 2055 in an America that has become a three thousand mile wide graveyard thanks to the machinations of a narcissistic madman.

The story’s hero is Jade McKay, a genetically engineered ‘super-soldier’ who holds knowledge of the government’s plans against, not only the citizens of America, but those of the global community as well.

Carlton mixes the current events of today with a long history of less than savory human behavior to paint a dark portrait of the unforeseen consequences of thoughtless action through political, social and technological means, with human casualties being the greatest cost.

The books’ trailer can be viewed at:

“On the surface, The Freedom Fighter series is just science fiction, but as you read it, the undercurrents become more visible, it should be a horror story really.” Says Elaine Zuliani – Co-Founder, CFO and Spokes-person for Uneak Press, Inc.

Uneak Press prides itself on being a “Publisher for Writers who are Passionate about Their Craft.” Founded in January, 2011 this locally owned and operated company has established itself as a champion of good, solid storytelling rather than collegiate affiliations and degrees, providing a haven for storytellers, artisans and wordsmiths.

Over the next year Uneak Press, Inc. will be systematically releasing at least three more of J.A. Carlton’s works; the widely anticipated “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1”, the story of two brothers destined to wage war against the Living Dark and its sinister minions, will be out this August.

Look for another new and local Austin author to join the Uneak family in the summer of 2012.