San Jose Dentist Office Provides Treatments for Patients with TMJ Disorder

Zeidler Dental Group, Home of Leading San Jose Dentists, Helps Patients Manage Pain from Jaw Disorder

Online PR News – 25-July-2011 – – SAN JOSE, CALIF. – The leading San Jose dentists at Zeidler Dental Group offer quality services aimed at helping patients cope with a condition known as TMJ disorder. Treatments are intended to reduce pain for patients and correct the problem before it becomes worse.

“TMJ disorder is common; however, the cause varies, as do individual treatment methods,” said Dr. Clayton Zeidler. “Our techniques are proven to be effective, and we generally can provide significant relief.”

Our techniques are proven to be effective and we generally can provide significant relief.

TMJ disorder refers to complications within the jaw, specifically the temporomandibular joint, that arise from misalignment or teeth grinding. Symptoms include difficulty chewing, headaches, pain and a clicking resulting from chewing. If untreated, the problem can become much worse over time. Treatments include muscle relaxants, painkillers or a plastic mouth guard worn during sleep to prevent unconscious teeth-grinding. More extreme cases require jaw surgery.

Zeidler Dental Group provides many types of cosmetic dentistry services. In addition to TMJ disorder treatments, the San Jose dentists provide teeth whitening, veneers, tooth repairs, fillings, bondings and alignment.

“TMJ disorder is not only damaging long-term, it can be incredibly painful for the person afflicted,” Zeidler said. “At Zeidler Dental, we do everything in our power to make our patients comfortable, and we have a high success rate for reducing the symptoms of TMJ disorder.”

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