Oklahoma Apartment Under Bed Bug Attack; Bed Bug Bully Presents Green Answer To Complex-Wide Problem

Bed bugs broke out in an Oklahoma apartment complex. BedBugBully shares a tip to treat the infestation effectively and safely.

Online PR News – 13-July-2011 – – Tenants of an Oklahoma City apartment in S. Agnew had been complaining about bed bug presence. It was said that a thrown furniture infested by the small crawling pests that was brought home by another resident had started the complex-wide infestation.

The apartment's management stated that they are aware of the problem and had been taking steps to take care of it. However, given that bed bugs are small and naturally sneaky, surely, it was hard for them to solve the problem without a help. And understanding how difficult it is to eliminate the pests, BedBugBully.com is sharing a safe and very effective tip.

That tip is basically the use of a green bed bug killer called BedBugBully. As it is made of 100% biodegradable ingredients, it poses no health threats to human health when sprayed to an infected area or room. Thus, product users don't have to worry about getting chemically exposed or poisoned.

Consumers can basically get the product at http://www.MyCleaningProducts.com.

When it comes to effectiveness, the creators of BedBugBully assure their consumers that the product is perfectly capable of killing the pests. In fact, they even boast that their green bed bug spray can eliminate even the pests' eggs.

“We made various studies about what particular ingredients will make our bed bug killer really effective. And based on our lab tests, we were successful in finding those ingredients. Others may not know this yet but before BedBugBully's official release to the public, several hospitals and pest control companies had already been using it. And they can surely prove that our bed bug spray is indeed effective.” one of the product's creator has said.

Markus Skupeika, the Chief Executive Officer of the official manufacturer of BedBugBully, MyCleaningProducts added, “Our bed bug killer is like no other. It does more than just effectively eliminate the pests. Efficiently, it also protects the users from harmful toxins that could be present from other pest sprays.”

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