Create Avatar Website Launches Facebook Application to Cartoon Yourself

New Facebook application released to create an avatar, already showing high popularity for the avatar generator

Online PR News – 12-July-2011 – – Popular avatar website Create My Picture has just launched an online application to cartoon yourself on Facebook. The Flash application is now available on the Facebook platform and is fully functional.

In just over one week the create an avatar app has already gained well over 100 'LIKES'. It seems the application which runs on a modified Facebook fan page is spreading 'virally' on the social network.

The move for a Facebook version was decided by Create My Picture to encourage more users on Facebook to use their avatars as profile pictures. The connection between Facebook and the avatar generator is quite relevant.

Adam Baily from Create My Picture said:-

We think the move to bring the avatar generator to Facebook was a good idea. Since the move we have seen an increased amount of users visiting and using our site from the social network to create avatar.

In the next coming months Create My Picture plan on developing the app further to be able to tag friends in as avatars. People would then be able to create an avatar and tag another user. This would create much more of a viral storm for the site and increase popularity.

With nearly 1 billion members on the largest social network in the world. This gives a massive potential for Create My Picture to spread across Facebook.

Another interesting fact is that many of the users who have 'LIKED' their websites fan page, are currently displaying them as avatars to date. This shows the demand for this type of thing.

The need to cartoon yourself and create avatars seems to be at an all time high. Last month Create My Picture commented on why this might be, the main factors were because of the growing use of social network sites combined with the popularity of the cult film 'Avatar' which was released in 2010. It seems since then, Avatar mania has erupted.

For people still not sure though, the meaning of an avatar is a digital representation of somebodies character or alto ego. Often they are used to be displayed instead of photos. They can also represent ones emotions and feelings at certain times.

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