A revolutionary step? – Dynamic Imaging for websites

Dynamic imaging makes it possible for online customers to view products from all angles and in the smallest detail. It is almost like holding the objects in your hands.

Online PR News – 22-December-2009 – – The possibility to rotate objects to see them from all possible angles, zoom to see the smallest detail and move the image around inside the pop-up window could be an important new stage in the evolution of the web and is sure to start a new trend on how to promote products on websites.

In the coming weeks Outsphere International Ltd, who are the company who have developed this remarkable new technology, will implement dynamic imaging on the Solid Stamps website to promote several of its top quality products and this will help them to continue to improve the high level of product information they provide to our customers. Solid Stamps is the leading UK manufacturer of all types of rubber stamp products and is proud to provide only top quality products.