Web Based CRM Software Reduces Implementation Costs

WorkEtc of Sydney, Australia announces a free trial of their web based CRM software.

Online PR News – 16-July-2011 – – Sydney, Australia (July 12, 2011) – WorkEtc of Sydney, Australia announces a free trial of their web based CRM software. They are offering this trial to allow business owners and IT decision makers to fully evaluate how their unique CRM implementation can greatly reduce installation costs and improve productivity.

WorkEtc’s web based CRM software offers a major implementation benefit over traditional customer relationship management systems. In most traditional systems it requires setting up servers, visiting every desktop to install the client software. Even worse, every remote office, laptop, and home office requires a visit to install the client software, too. These remote offices often require the additional expense of configuring VPN tunnels to securely allow the desktop client to communicate with the corporate servers.

With the web based CRM solution of WorkEtc all of the implementation is done in one location. Clients access the data through a standard browser interface. The IT Department and managers still maintain full control of the rights and capabilities of every CRM user.

Instead of traveling to remote user’s offices, visiting homes, and waiting for salespeople to bring in their laptops, you just schedule a time for your staff to step through web-based training to learn about the new CRM software, and then turn them loose to begin their work. All they need is access to the internet to be able to begin using the web based CRM software.

WorkEtc’s implementation of web based CRM software is extensive including options to integrate with Project Management, Billing, Work Flow, Collaboration Tools, and even Google Apps and Gmail. This level of integration allows you to dramatically improve customer response times and increase your level of control of sales and marketing processes.

For mobile users the WorkEtc system integrates easily with Android based phones, iPhones, and other mobile devices. This allows your sales staff to keep records up to date while they are visiting clients, and more importantly to retrieve critical information at a moment’s notice when engaged in an important client meeting.

Where implementing a CRM solution has always been cumbersome and time consuming in the past, with the WorkEtc web based CRM software implementation is easy. You can give the system a test drive by visiting their website and signing up for a free trial.


Website: www.WorkEtc.com/Web_Based_CRM
Support Locations in:
Sydney, Australia
Halifax, Canada
Phoenix, USA