‘In Search of a Champion’ training platform poised for expansion
Pioneering training event for MEA frontline sales force celebrates first anniversary

Online PR News – 12-July-2011 – – In Search of a champion, a pioneering series of sustained training workshops for frontline sales executives in the IT channel is scheduled to celebrate the first anniversary soon in July. Conceived and organized by VAR magazine, the training series has been applauded by several of the top tier IT brands that have been participants and continues to draw the appreciation of all participants.

The training series follows a championship format that runs through the year and recognizes the top ten participants as champions and the topper as champion of champions. The participants of ‘In search of a Champion’ from the top resellers have been pre-selected through an online screening test to be part of this series. The selection is done at the start of every edition each year. The platform is vendor agnostic and brings together between two to three brands and distributors in every edition.

Expansion plans across MEA
Leading brands such as Cisco, Symantec, Canon, Iomega, Belkin, Western Digital, BitDefender, Gateway and distributors including Ashley and GCT have been among the participating companies so far. In the second edition this year, more brands and distributors are finalising their participation, realizing the great scope that the platform gives them to inform and educate sales staff from some of the leading resellers.

The event has received plenty of testimonials from champions as well as participating brands in the past. The event is now shaping up to build on this success and expand strongly across the MEA region, into new territories as well as industries. Currently, the event organizers are looking for partners that have expertise in the events domain and can partner meaningfully.

Vivek Sharma, Publisher of VAR Magazine says, “In Search of a Champion’ is the first ever such platform that does provide opportunities to unearth some true talent among the frontline salespeople in the industry. It does give them enough opportunities to interact with peers as well as get trained by several leading brands. We have envisioned the growth of ‘In Search of a Champion’ Training series across the MEA region as a powerful platform that empowers and trains the frontline salesforce in the IT channel as well as other industries. “

A convenient platform for frontline sales
One of the strong features of the event has been its strong structuring that maintains consistency of evaluations based on a continuous engagement with the participants. This includes quizzes at the event as well as online follow-up tests that measures how much information the participants are retrieving.

Sharma says, “VAR realized the need to engage and train the frontline staff as this wasn’t being done in any existing forum or platform. Indeed, this segment interfaces with consumers and other volume buyers and is essential that they are kept well informed about Technologies, brands and Products. We are proud to have successfully engaged with them continuously and see a great sense of appreciation among them.”

In Search of a champion is a utility platform that delivers win-win for vendor objectives as well as the objectives of companies that want their salesforce to be well trained. In addition, it provides a great avenue for individuals that are working in sales teams to excel in their present workplaces by taking advantage of the opportunities to get trained.

Sharma adds, “We are dealing with an audience that has very little spare time during their weekdays and the ‘In Search of a Champion’ format provides an optimized opportunity for them. This has enabled a successful retention of a high number of participants right through last year and continuing this year as well. It is a fact that the participants cherish their association with this event.”

For partnership opportunities, please send in your enquiries at info@var-mea.com

Testimonials from participants
“There is a champion in each one of us and this event has brought out the champion in me to the fore. The In Search of a Champion initiative has focused on training frontline salesforce and such as in initiative was missing in the market. It was never attempted before and I appreciate VAR Magazine for this. The experience of participating at In Search of a Champion has strengthened my confidence and self esteem. I am sure the same holds true for the other participants as well. “

- Joy Arakal, Branch Manager at Computer Centre ( Champion of Champions in inaugural edition of In Search of a champion)

“This forum has been a great initiative. It has created a spirit of fraternity among the frontline salesforce and has helped foster relationships. This can help B2B selling transactions among resellers, which is common when you know each other. The presentations at the show have given us clarity in terms of understanding the products and technologies we sell. This helps when dealing with customers.”

- Ilyas Muriyala, Tangerine LLC ( First runners up at In Search of a Champion 2010)